Potato's Enchanted Book Service

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  1. Potato's Enchanted Book Service
    HAS CLOSED DOWN DUE TO PEOPLE TELLING ME TO CHANGE IT :( and school work taking up my time. If you want books pm me and I will give them to you for the same price. :)
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  2. Two Infinity I books, one Silk Touch I book, and one Fire Aspect II book.
    I don't need no delivery! lol, we are on the same smp luckily.
    No deadline needed, although I would appreciate for it to be done in a timely manner, of course.
    3400 rupees

    PS: Have any punch books? I need a few of those.
    PS 2: This is a great thread, maybe more purchases in the future :)
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  3. Ok i will get your order done asap. I just lowered the prices so I will get you the books for the new price :)
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  4. 5 unbreaking 3 books please.
    Ill pick up at your place.
    Tommorow for the deadline?
    Price 5000r
  5. Oh well that's a pleasant surprise awesome
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  6. I will see i am just starting at this so I will try if not we will work on a new one :) also you got the price wrong it is 7,500. it is 1,500r per book :p
  7. Ok i can not do tomorrow as a deadline. im sorry but i can probably do it in 2 days :)
  8. Enchanted Book(s) + Quantity : I need a god pick repaired (39L)
    Would you like me to deliver the order? Where to? : I can pickup.
    Deadline (optional): No but it's just a repair if it takes more than a day I'll be disappointed.
    Total Price (including deadline and delivery fees): 545r
  9. No prob take your time
  10. Ok what you do is go to my 2nd res and step on the tp to order pickup and i will have an access chest for u. Please drop off your pick and pay me and i will repair it and put it back in the chest and tell u its ready. I will not repair until i see 545r in my rupees history. :)
  11. ok your order is ready. please pay on pickup :)
  12. Okay ^_^
  13. Hey are you going to drop off? i can fix it asap. I have 39 lvls :)
  14. Im working on your order and have had no luck so far. I will work around the clock to get it to you though :)
  15. Ok your order is ready rhino. :) please pay on pickup and take your books from the access room. please pay 8000r. thanks :)
  16. You increased the price! It was 1000r a piece! I don't want to pay any more than than
  17. Ok then im sorry but i just increased the price by 100r. it was 1500 per book. please pay 7500 for all 5. that is a great deal
  18. Ok your chest is setup at my 2nd res in the order pickup section. Pay 7.5k on pickup. enjoy :)
  19. Yeah. Sleep + school

    I'll drop it off when I get time.