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  1. Post any stories that have happened to you here! I have two.

    1. I was 7 or 8, maybe 6, maybe 9 also, I forget. Me and my family were at home when we heard this HUGE bang. At first, we thought a car or something had hit our house. My dad goes outside to check, but nothing hit our house. Then someone else tells us they heard the same thing. We later found out that it was an explosion. A man was in his garage in one of the bigger houses, working on something. Apparently there was a gas leak, and he flicked a match/lighter, and it blew up. The man survived, but had some pretty bad burn marks.

    2. Last year, in Jamaica, there was the British girl who liked me. She kind of followed me around, and we talked. I never got her number or anything, and I'm kind of hoping shes there when I go again this year.
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  2. Oh I'm going to enjoy this thread…
    1. I was riding a scooter going down a ridiculously unsafe downhill route that I should have used my bike for. I realized that, and hit a rock. Then the scooter literally flipped completely over. I went upside down, practically somersaulting down the rest of the hill. I ended up with a scar which I still bear. Thank goodness for helmets.

    More stories to come later… ;)
  3. Reserved for future story.
  4. When I was 14 I decided I wanted a skateboard. Saved my money and got one from Walmart for $10. My balance sucks so I can't stand on it but my sister and I get the idea to sit on it and ride it. She uses the one I bought and I use an old one my uncle made. We used to live near a graveyard so we would go in there and ride them down the hill. I got the bright idea to go down one of the really steep hills, placed my board and sat down, headed off down the hill and about 1/2 way through it started to zigzag out of control, scraped my left knee and landed sitting on the road, the skateboard rolling down and stopping next to me.

    I moved to North Carolina in 2010 and around my birthday (september) we had a huge storm. We didn't know it was going to be as bad as it was until our roommate made us get out in it. We ended up leaving late at 7pm because we had another person at the house who was supposed to be calling to go to a women's shelter. She had moved to be with this guy and it wasn't working out so she was trying to mooch off others. So we dropped her off at our Roommate's brother's house, by now it was 7pm, and we started out the usual way only to have to turn around by order of the fireman because the road was flooded so bad. We cut across some side country roads and to another way several minutes down the road. We make it a ways down just to find a guy in a Camaro in a flooded area of the road that wasn't marked off. Our roommate helped him get out, he decided to block the road with his car and turn people back. Our roommate got back in the car and we took the next way only to find it also covered in water. 18 Wheelers were going off the road and through the grass to get back onto the road and on their routes. We were behind a PT Cruiser who was too afraid to go so our roommate talked to her, had us lead through. He had us drive at a slow speed so as not to kill the engine and so as not to go too fast to kill it either. We drove through and water was over our hood coming up onto the windshield. I was freaking out because I'm hydrophobic. We finally got to the town we needed and hit deep water in the middle of town and stalled the enging. I had to steer while they pushed. Then it turned out everything was closed, had to drive on to the next, getting stuck at the gas station because we didn't have an atm card with money on it, So a guy paid for our gas, we paid him back, we got our stuff and went to pick up the girl we had dropped off. When we got back home, it was 3am.
  5. Where to start....
    I was in Tahoe, and my friends dared me to jump off a 20 foot rock into the lake. Have you ever thought NOT to do something and then realize you are currently doing it without you noticing? You get the picture... AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Splash…

    This was at a summer camp, I don't know how to describe it. Go to YouTube and type in "shatters high Sierra camp". Watch the videos till you see someone fly by on a metal cord, going 30+ feet into the air, and having fun! (While screaming like that kid next door). Yah, I did that.
  6. I'll do suspensful stories and one bike storie sense everyone else did

    1) When i was about age 11 ... we had paid the town to put in pavement on the main road in our neighborhood ... so about 5/6th of the road maybe more was already paved (this was when it was the asphalty rocky stuff and not the smooth stuff) ... but i live at the very end of the road ... anywho ... i was riding my bike alllll the way up my neighborhood which is a good mile ... and it's slightly up hill ... and then the hill got steeper and steeper until it reaches the intersection to go onto another main road to lead to the highway ... so i'd always stop there, wait a bit, turn around and get some speed, actually pedalling going downhill to get enough speed to glide the rest of the way ... but at the end of the payvement at the edge of that road ... it turned back into gravel and a slight decrease in elevation ... so as soon as i hit that (somewhere while gliding down, my shoelaces had tangled up my pedal) so when i tried slowing down it made me lose control and i fell off my bike ... but ... i was going at such a fast speed that my bike was dragging me the rest of the 1/6th of a mile down the gravel road ... while i was being drug on the gravels ...and it completely ripped my shirt, pants, and was even ripping my skin off before i stalled ... what made it worse, is i was bleeding and screaming and had to walk another mile before i could go home and fix myself up.

    2) My dad has never been the brightest banana in the bunch, but i will admit he is a know-it-all lol. It was a winter few years ago, i had just turned 13 ... dad woke me up early saying he wanted to move our truck off our hill and we needed to shovel the road off ... (my parents are a bit on the rich side, so we already paved - private paver, paved our road ... while the rest of the other roads and neighbor roads back in story 1 story ... was still gravel) ... anways ... me and him shoveled the snow - about 5 inches or so already ... from behind our cars and trucks out of the way, and started down the hill getting rid of snow - he said that's good enough, lets move the truck ... and we got in (it's an 84 Ford ... if any of you know the old version are made out of steel instead of alluminim) ... so i atleast told him to put on a seatbelt so we did ... and we backed up ... turned ... and slowly started down the hill - we got about half way, and bam Black Ice ....we started sliding down our hill - he tried stabalizing it, by taking it near the edge of the road where we could maybe hit grass and get friction, and it and slight braking helped some ... but it's no match for the ice ... we were picking up speed and were heading striaght for a drop off at the bottom of our road over running water way we have ... and bam - we hit an old light post turned into a fence post ... and we were hovering over the water about 10 feet off the ground .... the light post had took the weight of us ... and the frame of the truck had completely bent forward in the front, but the truck was still running .... And after all of that - i was completely shaking - while dad, just put it in reverse and parked it ... i got out, walked home and layed down for what seemed like hours - and that is my second tail of my childhood

    3) Last Story - Me and my siblings (brother 17 (Jonathan) at the time, sister 13 (Cara), me 10) came back to usa virginia to stay near family again, and we came back to our house ... we have some cousins near by too - (Wesley 16) and Shalee (14) .... like i also said - my families not poor lol - we have about 500 acres ... so the closest land on the north field which is if your looking straight at the front of our house, would be to the left ... that field ... anyways ... some times of the year, we will have the grass grow and it turn into hay and there will be random stalks grow up in the field too - then when the hay is right they will cut it and fluff it and bail it and sell the hay or use it for cattle or profit .... but us being kids went over there going on an 'adventure' and then jonathan and wesley got the idea for all of us to sword fight, so we got the stalks in the field (which is basically hard hallow long weed like things, that can break very easily but also burn up quickly in fires) ... and we used those running after each other hitting each other ... then i was like - hey lets do gladiators and throw them like spears - and we were throwing them, they breaking everywheres - all of us getting hit, then i turn around, and bam - one comes flying towards me and gets stabbed on my upper eye and eyebrow area - and it didn't break ... so we had to go home to see if we could get the jammed part out - and couldn't and had to go all the way to a doctor to get it out ...

    These were a few of my stories to share - stay safe my friends... and happy mining :D
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  7. New story, happened just a few minutes.

    So I got home from school, and go on Facebook, and start talking to my girlfriend. She then asks me where I am. I ask why, and she says she is still at school. Then she says we were supposed to go to the store, which I had forgotten about. I then tell her I will come to the school. I get up, and start running to the school. I get to the school, and we go to the store. My hands were freezing at the end, but it was worth it. :)
  8. Hmm, going to the store, very interesting story.
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