Post your pics from the ICC Event on SMP1 - 11/26/13

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  1. Hello, just posting a few pics from the epic ICC event on SMP1 earlier tonight, feel free to post any screenshots you might have taken during this crazy night :D

    Managed to get one Super Death Turkey of Death egg lol

    Sunset at /Waste Center spawn after downing a zombie virus :rolleyes:
  2. Great pics! I'll post some later I'm sure
  3. Missed it :( #blamingAEST
  4. This was GKJ actually :p
  5. A beautiful landscape of fire and destruction.

    With the assistance of creepers, it is possible to jump very, very high.
    A flock of Enraged Creepers in their natural habitat :)
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  6. Off course i missed it ):
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  7. Lol, looks cool, though I'll try to avoid such events. I can't afford to blow up all my gear this early in my game. (no money, limited resources) lol

    Awesome Pics. I wasn't there, but now I have an impression of the crazy fun that went down. :p