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  1. A while back i decided to stop answering the question, "how many rupees do u have?"

    I wanted to move away from the wealth aspect and move torwards the usefulness side. To me, an active store makes me feel useful ;p

    So, rather then posting rupees, how about u shop owners posting how many pages of rupee history you have gotten since the loss of rupee history data event happend a while back.

    Me, i currently have 1335 pages of transactions since that day in feb. I cant help but to wonder what the numbers are of some of the other big shops.

    Of course, i know dome will be inflated because they may not offer bulk purchases or just have lower amounts purchased in 1 transaction (ie. 4 log for 4 r rather then 64 log for 64 r)

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  2. I have 21 xD
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  3. Pffffff I can totally beat that. I am going to go check. What! Only 23 pages?! guess I got some work to do XD
  4. 861

    Its gone down a bit since last time I checked :(

    If I make 1r on each sale and we guess at 50% sales - thats about 430 * 30 = 12900 rupees profit! :D

    Of course thats not the reality...
  5. People with alternate accounts could make a shop like sell dirt for 1 rupee and sell dirt for 1 rupee and then they could have 5000 pages of history after a while.
  6. I thought for sure D1 would have me beat lol
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  7. Those people would be very, very, very bored/boring.
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  8. I dont/cant advertise as much as I used to... :(

    Though I dont know how other servers survive without one of my Free Trade Stores to point every single "I need rupees" chat messages at..
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  9. Would be no reason to do that. Its not a trophy or status symbol, just curiousity ;p
  10. D1223m, I point everyone to your store on SMP6, then I have to explain the vault for the next 300 years.
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  11. I've got 44 and I don't even have a shop :) And about 30 pages are to/from leowaste.
  12. Lol
  13. I have 45 pages.
  14. 96 ^^ i was not aware of how many pages
  15. Wow, u really just tried to thread jack...
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  16. Yes, he tried :p But seemingly failed.
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