IN-GAME SMP1 Dragon Egg Auction!!!

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  1. Given the fact that I'm no longer a diamond supporter and i have some projects that require some investment; Im in the need of selling the SMP1 Dragon Egg.

    It will be a PUBLIC auction IN-GAME (given the fact that forum auctions cant be held anymore)

    This Auction will be held on Friday March 16th 6:00 pm CENTRAL TIME (GMT -6:00)


    please do your timezone conversions (woudnt mind diff timezone ppl posting here what time/day the auction is for you) Specially ppl living outside the U.S.

    NOTE: Reserving my right to sell the egg before the auction to any person offering a significant amount of rupees for it.

    THIS right will be expired 24 hours before the Auction AKA Thursday March 15th 6:00 pm CENTRAL TIME.

    All the outside auction offers MUST be done through forum PM or in-game /tell.

    If a buyer is found before the 24 hour deadline on the auction, I'll post in here letting all potential buyers know

    If the buyer is found before the 24 hour deadline. In order to reclaim the NEW ownership of the egg a private conversation between the involved parties (me and the buyer) will be held on forums to keep the transaction on the record. as well as it will be registerad as a purchase through a SHOP SIGN.

    Thanks all for your interest
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    Timer before deadline 24 hours+
  3. Seems u would get more holding a forum auction
  4. cant do forum auctions... they are forbidden read the link in the OP
  5. I am the same time zone as gamkribjim I have to ask him what time it would be for where I am
  6. Darn, maybe I'll buy...
  7. I like how official you've made this Ran ;) good luck!
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  8. Friendly bumpage for the SMP1's Dragon Egg Auction! rememebr the date FRIDAY MARCH 16th
  9. Wow really forum auctions are banned!?
  10. Yep, for a while at least. They are putting together some guidelines for them I think as there were a few bad auctions.
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  11. I havent realised your Achie before. And i have to say i like it x3
  12. My Achie?

    Edit: Oh wait, do you mean my achievement signature? xD
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  13. Yeah. Achie = Achievement = Achievement Signature = Achie Signature = Achie Sig
  14. Lol, well thank you :)
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