Post your Frontier home photos

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  1. So lets share our frontier homes photos xD.
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  2. Just finished. Thought nice to share it here.

    The idea is asian theme.

  3. Man I need to work on my outpost .-.
  4. Magnifique! If this is an outpost I would love to join you.
  5. what texture pack? that is a really cool house!
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  6. <3 Wow I think I've fallen in love
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  7. HDFlows (same one Keralis uses if you watch his videos on youtube)
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  8. Whether it's underground, underwater or in the sky on a floating island complete with rivers, mountains and a village... there is sure to be something to do at my Frontier "house"
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  9. Yes! A Keralis fan!
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  10. Very nice! What textures and shaders did you use for that?
  11. Oops, replied to the wrong person. Anyway very nice build.
  12. I'll post pics once I get them. :)