Post Your Community Farms Here! 2/20/15

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  1. Hey Guys Wolff Here!
    This Thread is for Community Farms, you may post farms that you want in the community here to!
    Please Post Comments Like This:
    Location: (Server) (Res Address)
    Cost (If Any):______
    (Picture Not Needed)
    Location: SMP9 Res: 18123
    Type: Chicken Egg Farm
    Cost: Public Access Chest
    Thank You, Wolffpack58!
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  2. I know of the iron farm and enderman farm in Utopia, and also the Skeleton and Slime farm in smp5. But those are not in town. I'm trying to replicate them all, done the iron farm. All the farms above though have a certain way to get to them. Anyone who wants to be shown can ask me, but the utopia ones are for supporters.
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