Post pictures of your friends :D

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  1. What the title says.

    IcC made show you SELF.
    Why not make a show your FRIENDS?

    Now it's time to post pictures of your friend.
    They can be from you sleeping over with them to you bungy jumping off things!
    Don't worry if you have no friends, go make some :)

    Also, Always ask your friend before doing so. Never without their agreement :)
    Have fun.

    Remember now inappropriate pictures or you will be reported.

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  2. For everyone reading this: do not post pictures without your friends' Consent. It is completely inappropriate to give an identifying picture of someone to everyone in the world if they are not fine with it.

    Again: do not post a picture here if your friend is not okay with it.
  3. Ah yes, shall add to OP. Thanks ;)
  4. I won't lie this is one of the creepier threads I've seen ;)
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  5. oh man... what a rough night that was LOL.
    this is my friend that just recently moved away to florida with his sister.
  6. Me and my best friend from school :)
    (I tried to post the best one )

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  7. Haha, looks like you had fun :)
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  8. I would love to but i`m not allowed to post photo`s of me online D:
  9. The thread is called Post Pictures of Your FRIENDS, not Show Yourself 2013
  10. #SelfiesFoDayzzzzzz
  11. Ill post a pic of me and fluffyisapig or me and djavaisadog soon :D
  12. Dat corn-dog.... why isn't he eating a melon?
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  13. At some camp thing we were at.
    Some of my friends.
    Im not in that picture though.
    Those friends helped me come up with the
    Thread :p

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  14. me and my clique yo

  15. That...Is a fried twinky.
    And it tasted like pancakes.

    And thats the one that's a year old :D
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  16. In some places, its actually illegal to post pictures of others without consent, so this thread isn't the greatest idea ever.
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  17. Except this isn't offtopic.

    Do you have consent from your friends? No? Then it can be considered illegal.
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  18. You are starting a forum war.
    In the op it says to ask your friends first.
    Most people will just take a picture with a friend and ask, they might say yes or no.
    No one here is going to track you down like that.
    Just enjoy the thread.
  19. Haha all da time nonstop
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