Post builds here!

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  1. hey! ill give 30 fish and $100 in-game to whoever has the best build! :D try to win!
    oh +$1 to whoever says that my build is awesome (tell res number to play) has to be your res, or a friend's res (the friend gets to share the prize with u
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  2. your build is awesome :p
  3. f_Builder_s, please join emc in sm5 so I can pay u!
  4. kk just shopping for promos
  5. just wat I wanna insert! lol
  6. join emc for payment
  7. i like it cool
  8. darkblackhorses 3'rd is winning in 1st!
  9. oh I lost the fish so its and it will be changed: now its an 80$ prize! ;wink;
  10. kytula is winning!
    btw its been changed; the prize shall be $300
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  11. so please enter a build!
  12. 300r or $300?
    I am generally happy with both.
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