(Possibly) Emc's Longest auction ever! Admin Signed book!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Johnsface101, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Item: Maxarias Signed Book (with stories!)
    Starting price: 40,000 Rupees!
    Minimum Bid increase: 475 (Bet no-one will figure out why)
    Duration: 72 hours after last Valid bid! (I've not seen any 72 hour auctions)
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  2. That's a wee bit expensive. I've seen auctions for over 100 hour duration times.:)
  3. I sold my copy for 9k. The most you should get out of it is 10k
  4. True. Even if the book is admin signed they dont go for that much.
  5. You don't see many long duration auctions, because they are annoying :).
    But, cool book.
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  6. Possibly, but for a collector, no price is too high - i've seen another admin signed book go for 65k, and max- has said she doesn't sign books anymore, not counting the one for her parkour, for the people who complete it.

    and SHHH! I looked through a couple of pages for longer auction, didn't see any >.<

    Probably a ordinary Moderator's book. nevertheless, what you sold it for doesn't effect my auction.
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  7. Not ordinary Moderator's book. It was the same exact book. she sold it for 10k for whoever would buy it at some event.
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  8. ive seen a auction duration of a month so GL on getting that 40k
  9. Well, I've not played in forever and a half, so I don't know when said event was.
    But; such books are only going to increase in worth to collectors as time goes on.

    Well, apparently I didn't look far and hard enough.


    As there are no Valid bids yet, and everyone thinks i'm an idiot for doing this auction, this auction is hereby, Canceled!
  10. I believe Demon just made a bid by saying "GL on getting that. 40K" I may be incorrect, so yea >_<
  11. Don't let everyone get you down. The forums have been super trolly and rude lately. Some of the posts aren't calling you an idiot, they're just trying to be helpful. Just re-open the thread and lower the bid, you'll get more attention :)
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  12. There was no period before the 40k. It was not a bid. Also, its death.
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  13. I like the way you think o.0 but will it hold up to the admins? =P
  14. no it wont as it wasn't a bid and trying to twist it may get you in trouble just saying. side not i have 4 of these books i wouldnt want another

    i didnt comment here to get any one upset just thought i would update you on your auction being far from the longest
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  15. I did not twist it, I merely quoted what I saw. Sorry on that part, my dyslexia is the cause of that >_< anyways, I hope you can understand that :p I get confused often because of my dyslexia which I really hate. :/
  16. From what i remember there was under 26 copies of this book sold at 10k for a hour event in front of mobarena.
    only way to have this book to begin with was to be there at that time. and then the books fell thru some other hands by auctions and what not.
  17. 26.... for an hour.... seems pretty rare to me... I'll try to sell it again in a couple months, see what type of response I get then...(Couldn't be a full 27, could it? buy'em all and get a SC of'em!)

    If an admin/mod could close this thread now, it no longer has a purpose.
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