Possible to eggify a Guardian Elder ?

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  1. Just wanted to know if that's possible to do on the EMC servers:

    Eggify a Guardian Elder.

  2. No, you can't eggify hostile mobs. The only reason why some managed to eggify an enraged guardian or enraged zombie is because it was originally a hostile mob but then got cured: turned back into a villager (neutral mob). And you can eggify those.
  3. Or a old bug when nether hounds came out and were egg able for a bit but those were a custom coded mob that before were egg able because they where Neutral mob in vanilla minecraft.
  4. So ... if I cure an enraged guardian then I can eggify it ?
    I want to figure out a way to get a guardian elder,

    because I saw a video online about how to make your building (out in the frontier) ungriefable,
    just put an elder guardian in the center of the building and when a griefer or somebody comes around it gives them mining fatigue which makes it almost impossible to mine blocks. :)

    I want to see if this is even possible.

    Making a building out of obsidian is still very griefable under normal conditions.

    Mojang needs to make a block that gives people mining fatigue when they come to within , say, 20 - 30 blocks of it.
    That would be SO COOL.
    And helpful for safe gameplay :>
  5. An enraged guardian is a zombie and is a mob that Momentus spawns when to help him while you are fighting him. Elder Guardian is a boss mob in an underwater temple. Much different.

    But yes you can eggify an enraged guardian IF it spawned in as a zombie villager. Just need a golden apple and a bottle of weakening to do so.
  6. That would be neat but just how would you get any work done if you're always fatigued.
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  7. Not on the Empire, no. That is: unless you build your stuff around an ocean monument, because that would be the only way to get a building near an elder guardian.