Possible suporter perk?

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Do you think flying would be a nice perk?

Oh yeah, can't wait to start cruzing the skies! 19 vote(s) 35.8%
No. If we were meant to fly, it would be part of the game already! 34 vote(s) 64.2%
  1. Ok...

    This should simply not be implemented on the EMC servers. If people are so lazy that they can't build dirt scaffolding then there is something seriously wrong. Take a look at some of the entries to the building competition. Flying is NOT needed.

    This seems to be a great example of the iwantitnow crowd that seem to populate online games lately. If you want to build something high, build your way up and balance. If you want a good screenshot, build a big dirt tower and do it from there. I'm sure many of us who enjoy building have got to a point on our project and fell off. Yes it's slightly frustrating, but it takes about 3 seconds to build a single column and get back to where you were.

    It won't be long before we see "maybe we should just be able to spawn everything in town? It would be more convenient no?". We already have people want to be able to teleport in the wild. If you don't want any risk then go and play creative you can fly around to your hearts content and have what you want for no effort. This is survival, learn to survive and play the game and stop expecting free hand outs.

    /rant over
  2. Or, we could add it to the demon support that cost 500 dollars a month. They have access to everyone's lot anyways.. :p
  3. This conversation is beginning to deviate from the original thread. Yes, Justin included a manner of summoning animals because the server was growing and it was more conviniant to summon at cost than wait to spawn. This is similar to creative mode, where you summon animals too. Why can't other elements be transfered to town aswell? What I'm saying is that the rules for town vary. The other two worlds are legit. Town has it's exception. I think flying would be a cool exception, just in town, just on your res.
  4. I do see your opinion. What I've been trying to say all this time is that it's your choice to use it. If your are this strongly against it, then don't use it and build a sign, without flying, which says in big letters "No Fly Zone". That way everyone can marvel at your fortitude and ability it build dirt towers. That is your opinion. Mine varies. I think that instead of building scaffolding and such, you just double tap w and get back up. If you pride yourself by the fact that you wasted time using dirt and I didn't...
    Second, I still go to the wild, like you, to get resources. Sometimes I buy from player shops. Never in this argument have I suggested spawning items or teleports. I have boated for over an hour through the wild because I saw an interesting formation on the live map and wanted to check it out. I did it by my own power, no teleports used (well, besides the outpost system:)). Throughout this argumant, I have been saying that Town varies from the other worlds. Town is basically a creative world. No mobs, infinite blocks if you save up the rupees. I think that flying would be a tool, like any other, to increase the pleasure of building. If you base your self-worth over whether you built a tower with dirt, be my guest but don't rain one the parade.
    Third, How do you suggest I get a straight down screenshot when I'm standing on a dirt tower? Perhaps an intrecat piece of scaffolding which would take hours to take down, consisting of falling off and building more towers to get back?
    You say that it's not loing after this till people want to start spawning items and such. May we leave that to the next thread? This one is for flying on your res. No, it will not destabalise the economy. No, it will not destroy the servers. It would be a conviniance! I am asking for no free handouts (though who doesn't want a few free rupees every now and then ;)). I do recall you thanking Justin for the Christmas and New Years rupees, Mr. no free handouts.
    This is a choice matter. I'm not forcing it on anyone. If you want to use it, that's great. If you want not to, that's great. However, don't deny the merits of the idea because of some perception that those who would use it are "lazy" and that the server is "legit". I'm not lazy... I am legit. Drop by my res on smp2. Each bit of class and stone was mined and smelted, or bought with hard earned rupees. And I'm not half done.
    This has already been discussed in previous comments.
    Rant over.
  5. Wow, just saw the previous post. I'm sorry for clearly upsetting you. I'll give you a proper reply when I get to a computer. That should give you enough time to actually read my post properly and edit the errors in yours.
  6. Sorry. Just re-read. I didn't see any errors. You didn't upset me at all! I can get a bit passonate about my ideas. I love a good debate. I think we both may need to do a bit of re-wording in our comments. I simply mean that I think it's silly to say no just because you don't want to use it, rather than voting based on a larger perspective.
  7. Its okay to be passionate, but lets just try to keep the debate here. So you want flying for its convenience? You say that nether and wild are legit, but town gets exceptions? While in a sense it does, it only becomes non legit if you have the rupees to afford that. You can't build a massive structure without going to the wild and mining or buying the materials from other players. You can't get anything from nothing, unless you have people willing to give you stuff. But ultimately, everything is legit on our server in a sense. We don't just give out animals or make gathering resources to easy, its supposed to be hard. If it wasn't then it becomes just another sandbox game. Also if this were a supporter perk, even if you don't like it you would probably use it. Even if you didn't, people would assume you did so whats the point in not. I've watched some mass structure be built all without flying. I think it will just take away from the legit environment we have here on EMC.

    EDIT 100th post on forums :D
  8. Congrats on the 100 posts! I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I'm just frustrated at myself for not seeming to be able to get my point across. I think that we should list our points for and against this, just to clarify. Here are mine:
    -It would be a conviniance, not a necessity.
    -It would only apply in town, on your res.
    -It would be a supporter perk.
    As to your comment that you get nothing for free, unless you get things from other players, I would reply that everyday you get 400r, just for logging on. To me, this translates into free blocks, or free animals as you get the cash to buy them for them free. You also stated that even if you didn't like it, you'd still use it as it was there and you might as well. Since you are using this in your argument against, does this mean you'd be willing to keep this advantage way from those who want it, just so you aren't tempted? This, to me, seems a bit selfish. As to people assuming that you did... who cares? You know you didn't. You could put a sign saying you didn't fly, if it really matters. To be frank, I think half the people on this server use x-ray anyway, like any other server. That doesn't take way from the building. I admire planning and design. Not how much effort they put into building it. We do have a ledgit environment on this server, but not entirely. The rupee bonus, for example, takes away some of the ledgitity as this allows you to get, in essence, free blocks. Exception can and have been made. I know both of you think that it would make things less impressive, take away from the ledgitity of the server. What I'm saying is that it should be up to each individual to make the choice whether they use it or not. If you fall to temptation and use it against your judgement. Then it happens. But don't limit the rest of us just to keep yourself out of temptation. Who cares what other people think? I'm in it for the fun. I don't find building towers straight up fun. Therefore, flying.
  9. I know you think implementing this would be beneficial to EMC, but it really wouldnt.
    Firstly; the polls indicate that the general public isnt really that interested in the idea, at 29-13 it is a decisive vote against flying. Even factoring in the 3 people who said they may vote the other way only brings it to 26-16, still a decisive vote against.
    Secondly; introducing this simply for your convenience would cause more hassles then it is really worth. I know you suggest this would only be used in town, and only on your own lot, and i trust you would abide by this. The fact is however that many people wont, and they will abuse this power and claim ignorance when they are banned for flying outside of their res. How hipocritical would it be to have banned countless players for being caught flying, even just on their own res, and then turn around and change the gamestyle to allow it?
    Thirdly; having this as a supporter only perk is biased and unfair. I am aware there are perks which are only available to certain levels of supporters, like TNT for diamond, and Utopia wild for gold/diamond, but there are reasons behind these perks, and they are added to provide substance and value for money. If flying was introduced to EMC it would be unfair to deny all players of the feature simply because they dont pay money, and it would alienate non-supporting players who see flying as a standard part of the game in some instances. Basically either everyone should have it, or nobody should have it.
    Fourthly; flying, although not officially part of the game, is associated with the creative style, not survival. I know other creative aspects, such as animal purchases, have been incorporated into EMC, but this is to enhance gameplay and allow players to experience the true minecraft experience, which flying coincidently is not part of.

    Only Admin and senior Mods have the ability to fly, even then it is only used for official server business, and i believe thats the way it should stay.
  10. Okay. You do raise alot of good points. However, I think we have reached a stand-still. I recognize all the points you make, but they still don't change my mind. Nor do mine seem to change yours. As circumstances change, perhaps this discussion will rise again. At this point, let's just close the thread. I really don't care anymore to be brutally honest. Congradulations all around for defending our points of view! :p
    See ya on the server!
    (To be fair, I think more would have changed their vote, they just didn't comment as such.)
  11. Good idea, i agree to disagree. Hope to see you in game :)
  12. This is true--maybe they could add a permission for flying on lots, if this was implemented. So, like build and use, it would be set to false by default.
  13. This would be the best way to do it, if, we where to do it.
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  14. Sure this would be a great perk! I voted yes.