Possible suporter perk?

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Do you think flying would be a nice perk?

Oh yeah, can't wait to start cruzing the skies! 19 vote(s) 35.8%
No. If we were meant to fly, it would be part of the game already! 34 vote(s) 64.2%
  1. I think it would be cool to be able to fly just in town. Perhaps iron and gold could fly just on your res, whereas diamond all over the town. This would make building large structures much easier and allow for arial screenshots of your res otherwise unobtainable. I was just wondering how intensive on the servers it would be to include flying as a suporter perk.
    See you on the servers!

    As to the poll, this also refers to just in town. I in no way support flying in the wild, nor any other world besides town.
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  2. That would be a nice perk. I voted no, but would change my vote to yes if the question was changed to "just in town."
  3. What do you mean? I'm proposing that flying would be cool in town. In the wild, that would take all the fun out of it. What I'm trying to say is that it would be nice to fly, even just on my res, to be able to build structures easier.
  4. I've not got time to give all my thoughts on this right now. I voted no.
  5. i voted yes, i hate it when i fall of of something im building really high up then i have to put a ladder on it or make a dirt tower
  6. Oh, now I see - I didn't realize you originated the poll.

    I would have voted yes if the question was: "Do you think flying in town would be a nice perk?"

    I voted no because the "in town" wasn't clear, and I thought the poll was whether to allow flying anywhere or not. I misunderstood.
  7. This wouldn't be done with flying... you'd have to add a plugin sorta like a flying carpet so people can't say your using a fly mod or something. So for flying no. flying carpet yes.
  8. Eh, i don't care.
    But i voted no :D
  9. It would be nice, but it just doesn't sit well with me. On other peoples lots; if they don't want you to climb there, they don't want you to fly there. On your own lot it could be cool for building, but I like putting in the work
  10. I admit flying would have made building my projects a bit easier, but when a epic project is built using standard minecraft physics it makes it so much more impressive. Flying in town or on our own lots opens the door to potential abuse of this power in other areas.
    You can always build a sand or gravel tower to take screenshots of your res from height, and they are quick enough to breakdown afterwards.
  11. So as far as the replies go, we are in agreement if it is only in town, only on your lot. As to whether you like doing the work or not, it's up to you to choose to use this perk. To address the concerns of people using mods, it would be tied to your supporter level. If you see someone flying and they aren't a supporter, or a level too low, then you'd know they were using a flying mod. If they are the proper level to fly, who cares if they'd used a mod or not? It would only be more work to install a mod and you'd be risking a ban for nothing. As long as they stick to their lot, what difference does it make? With these two points in mind, I'd think it'd be pretty obvious who was using a mod. This is also something the server could keep track of just by verifying that the user activating the flight is of the proper supporter level and in their res.
  12. I agree that using the regular physics does make it a little more impressive. However, flying is more of a conviniance. If it does mean that much to you that you built it without flying, put up a sign saying so. If someone belittles one of my structures just because I shaved off a few hours of building and destroying sand towers to get back up every time I fell off, then I really don't care. I want people to admire the style of the building, the care put into planning. When they ignore all this just because I few around a little, I really don't want their praise in the first place. And as for screenshots, the you can never take a picture straight down, as you have the tower in your way, and the lots are too small to use this method for a good panoramic.
  13. Yeah, I guess my poll wasn't quite clear. From what I'm reading in the replies, there is support out there for this idea. If it does generate a bit more debate, I might start another thread, just to reword the poll. From what I'm reading, a few people would change their vote with a better description of the idea, and those are just the people who commented.
  14. It would be cool but wouldn't be very practical. It would lag the server to bits and would make finding hackers that much harder to tell apart. I'll give it a yes but only because we should only be able to cruise on our lots. And maybe instead when you double tap the jump then you fly for a bit. Maybe.
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  15. i was wondering about that. Would the lag be that intensive? It would be the same as walking around, just adding another dimension, height. Anyway, that's a question for Justin to answer.
  16. I don't see why we are continuing this conversation that possible won't happen.... if you fly then it is useless... because it isn't like creative mode there is no really good purpose for flying unless your in creative mode.. and this server is 100% legit so flying = not legit
  17. To be fair, you can only summon animals in creative, but on this server it's 350 rupees. I know that the situation deviates a bit, but my point is that I think this should be in place as a conviniance. If you are against this idea then fine, don't use it. It would be your choice. You pay to use it as a supporter, it's up to you how it's used. Also, for mw town is creative mode. In creative you get free blocks. I get 400r a day, which translates into free blocks. In creative you don't need to worry about mobs... same in town. This flying perk would be a tool to make the lives of those who choose to use it easier. I am in no way saying that everyone should be constantly using it. I'm saying it would be nice if it were there when I wanted it.
    This server is legit... in the wild. Exception are made for town. I think this should be one of them.
  18. they added the spawning animals because there was no other possible way of getting animals into Town
  19. They could just spawn naturally, like they do, and whoever got to them first with a bundle of wheat got the animal. They changed it as the server evolved and better ways of doing things became aparent. This senario is the same.
  20. it would still be to low of a spawn rate for the animals. They do spawn naturally but there wouldn't be as much as there are now and they come with a fair price to spawn them. It it to help support players with shops and help the economy grow.