[Possible Spoilers] Doctor Who, the doctors name?

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  1. i think i figured out the doctors name, the war doctor (or what ever his name was who said his name to end the time war) the same guy appeared in the episode 'the impossible astronaut' with a can of fuel to burn the dead doctors body, when River Song asked him what his name was he said "Canton Everett Delaware III" im not sure if thats actually his name or not, i just made that connection a few weeks ago and i thought id share it
  2. also, when you google image search canton everett delaware iii you also get many pictures of this man:
    could he also be a timelord?
  3. Canton Everett Delaware III is the name of the man in the pic you posted who is an FBI Agent from a previous episode. In the earlier episode he is younger. The pic you posted is of Canton as an older man. The episodes are from the Matt Smith tenure as The Doctor.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's not John Hurt...
    Additionally, you can pronounce that name
    and also
    using that logic
    The doctor's name is also John Smith
  5. thats what a friend of mine pointed out, but the doctor we know used that name as a 'cover' and not his real name, as of right now, canton is not a cover name
  6. Canton is the member of the Secret Service that followed the Doctor while they were dealing with the Silence. He introduced himself to the group because they were yet to encounter him in their own timeline. The name of the Doctor can actually count as "The Doctor", as explained in a number of episodes in Series 7.
  7. Interesting theory, but that's definitely not John Hurt. The doctor's name will probably never be revealed without major backlash because you lose the reason for the title of the show. I don't think the BBC is quite that naive.
  8. "The Doctor" isn't really a name. It's an anonym. Renegade Time Lords seem to have a tradition of this, though examples are few. In addition to "The Doctor" we also have "The Master" and most of you won't know about or remember "The Rani".
  9. good point krysyy, the FBI canton and the doctor canton are defiantly not the same actor, this was just my theory and i thought i would share it
  10. I moved the thread and changed the title for you, but I didn't read the OP properly because I don't want spoilers :p If I'm mistaken, let me know (and sorry) :)
  11. okay yea there might be spoilers, but thanks for moving it and updateing the title
  12. My money is on Bob.
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  13. thats probably it...
  14. The BBC made EastEnders. They are naive and stupid ;)

    In all seriousness, they will never reveal the Doctor's real name. Steven Moffat is usually a good writer (saying that though he hasn't written very many good episodes since 2010), so he knows better than to reveal it. As explained in the finale (not counting the Christmas special), the Doctor can also be used as his name.

    As has been pointed out already, that man is an FBI agent and is not John Hurt.