Possible improvement to griefing protection

Discussion in 'Frontier and Player Outposts' started by Slarky, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. So I built a base not too far from spawn, I also made a nice looking bridge to get there. Thinking that griefing was probably less likely now that some of the minecraft buzz was off. Wrong. Every few days some new player comes on and tears up as much as they can. People tell me that building far out is the solution, however, that kind of sucks. You build in the middle of nowhere, it takes forever to get back to town and none of the good users are likely to see your work. If I wanted to play in solitary I'd just play single player.

    The only part of the server thats really vulnerable to griefers is the wild. If we simply made new registers wait 30 days to have access to the wild, I think that would really cut down on the punks.
    They still have access to the wasteland for resources, they can still build on a res, they just wont be able to register, go into the wild and do mean spirited things to users who might want to have the experience of playing out in the wild without being in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Yeah.. In my opinion there's a too big chance they'll leave before the 30 days end because of that though.. But of course, if they get griefed there's a big chance they'll leave too...
  3. I have had similar meanings with this, that's why I'm making a massive room twords bedrock and it will be big enough to support large 120x120x120 buildings.... Yeah I will get to that in 2015...
  4. Sorry for double post but if you see a large building in the ground in 2015 that will most likely be me lol
  5. Hopefully when Dragon Tombs comes out and we can claim land everything will be fine :) I know its not the same as completely preventing griefing as you have to win the dragon eggs to claim the land but its close enough.