Possible community project? just to see if we can :P

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Theoretically possible within one year?

Yes, with hard work it can be pulled off 4 vote(s) 66.7%
No, not even with all of EMC's wither skeleton farm owners helping 2 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Hey EMC, so I recently was wondering it it would be possible to accquire 20 dcs of beacons, which would be worth more than 1bn rupees, did the maths and i'd have to be an empire veteran grinding from day one at a decent farm for 4 hours a day every single day. (decent being 20-30 skulls per hour.) Was just wondering would it be theoretically possible for all of EMC's wither skeleton farm owners to pull this off together, maybe even in a year or less. :p Let me know what you think! Feel free to say i'm completely crazy, it's in my name after all. :p
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  2. I think that this would be possible however i think that the people using the wither farms want to make money off their skulls/beacons so i don't think the community would do this because they would spend their time and effort on this project where they could be spending their time using farms making money.
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  3. Well, what you could do is just have them all log the amount of skulls they get, still make money just a little extra effort :) Edit:
    All about them dolla dolla bills yo! :p
  4. Well yes that seem doable but you would need to find a lot of people who can be bothered to log the amount of skulls that they get, some people don't count how many skulls they get and they just sell them or kill wither straight away.
  5. if u have a skelly farm i would help :D