Posible bug, item output

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  1. Hi

    Not sure if this is normal or a bug.

    Here goes.

    OK i have a double chest that has a comparator attached that's inverted so when the containers emptied it fires a one tick pulse through the system.

    If you put a shop sign on the chest and a player buys an item removing the item from the chest it should fire of the one tick pulse as the chest should register as empty, but its not registering at all.

    If i manually do it it works as intended is there a reason or bug stopping me from getting a red-stone signal from a chest that a player buys an item from.

    Or is there an entity update issue, where its not updating the value ?

    Any thoughts or help would be awesome thanks.

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  2. shop activity doesn't trigger a block update, but you may be able to do it with a redstone clock constantly pulsing it?
  3. Use a trapped chest, with a sign like this.
    [slot 1]
    it should register when the chest empties then :)
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  4. Thanks guys will give it a try :)
  5. Just an update thanks again. It took a combo of trapped chest and a repeating signal and the sign with [slot1] for it to work

    thanks heaps for your help :)
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