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  1. Just some more recent stuff I've been doing on ROBLOX.

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  2. Can I get a Signature with creepers in it?
  3. What else do you want?
  4. Hey Erektus! I didn't know you were Nccoryg's brother. :)
    Could you make me a signature to advertise my promo shop?
    I want it to say PROMO MALL 1172, BY GUNTHRO (in smaller letters), I want the signature to have a black background, words can be blue, gray, or both, and I want 2 beacons (one on each side) to be incorporated (one blue and one normal). And of course this can be tweaked to your taste. I think you get the main picture though.
  5. I'll see what I can do. :)
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  6. His work is 10/10, he recently did a logo for Chespin that looks great.
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  8. Wow! You got me Erektus! I didn't expect this. I owe you one. Remember that.
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  9. Anytime.
  10. Not too bad! I like the metal look on that de-Wither one.
    Having fooled around with various levels of photoshop for years, one thing I'll say is not to rely on the Layer Styles too much - they're handy to fine-tune things, but your art and GFX skills will improve dramatically when you learn to create the same effects manually :)
    (More to the point, you'll learn the methods and be able to employ them more reliably, in ways you want, for those instances when the filters just don't seem to cooperate.)
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  11. Bump! Currently working on a signature.
  12. Erektus, don't get me wrong, I like the signature you made for me, but it's almost a little too much, too good. ;) Could you dim it down a little bit. Like, there's too much there. Could you remove the sword and pickaxe. Oh, and right after the 1172 can you put smp1, same font, same color, same size... just add smp1 after 1172. Thanks.
  13. On it.
    Going to have to remake the entire thing because I forgot to save the file :D but it'll look the same.
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  14. That one looks so much better :D
  15. The de-Wither is definitely my favorite out of all my work. If you have any tutorials/tips let me know in a PM, always looking for ways to improve and learn.
  16. Couldn't disagree!!
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  17. But you knew what I meant by the other one was a little too much, right?
  18. Yeah.
  19. Ok, cool.