Portal teleport help inside lot

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  1. I have hit a roadblock in a idea I was having, Is it possible to use 2 portals that teleport between each other only while inside your lot? I wasn't sure if the mods the server uses allow something like that. The portal as of now goes to the town spawn.
  2. There should be a command that you could set a port to teleport you by x, y and z coords. I'm sure it would'nt be that hard to figure out a way to make it work.
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  3. I really like the X,Y,Z idea. But maybe only if it is in your own lot. The problem is that some people have doors and closed off areas in their res, and someone else could build a portal to teleport into it...
  4. Also, if it were to be used to teleport to specific locations in the Wilderness or Nether, this would detract from the survival experience around which Empire Minecraft is built.
  5. Correct :) But I think if you could do it in your res, it would be ok, don't you?
  6. just in your own res would be a nice idea
  7. Absolutely, especially for those residences with tall, hard to reach areas.
  8. this, but instead of just your res, any res you have build and use rights in?
  9. Of course thats what I'm saying. that would'nt be fair to be able to tp to someone elses lot without them knowing. It should be bound to your own lot to do as you see fit. This would open an entire new way of building residences methinks.
  10. Or how about you can set your own "warps" to be used only by yourself to get around your res?

    So for example the command could be "/warp set farm" to create a new warp, so to warp to the farm type "/warp farm". And to see all your warps you could type "/warp list"

    To go even further there could be a flag system in-place to allow people to use the warps, the command could be "/res pset {playername} warp true". Or even detail which warp, so for the farm only "/res pset {playername} warp farm true".

    Just an idea that I came up with. This will probably be better than having portals all over your res.

    ~ Note the warps can only be created by yourself on your res in the town.

  11. If anything, that would be better. Portals are so annoying, anyways.
  12. Yea lol what happened to the quote XD, must have been when I was editing the text :p
  13. i wouldn't mind keeping the portal idea myself i can think of some fun ways to use it
  14. Ok then why not have both? Kill two birds with one stone? :D
  15. I did that on purpose. People know what you posted, no need to do it twice.
  16. I call dibs on credit for this.