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  1. Seen this before but its still funny. This is also Portal 2 related. Laura Shigihara doing a cover of the ending song.
  2. I like this one :D

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  3. Ahhh now I have to play Portal again..... lol
  4. Now that Chell has left AS and is walking through the Desert...I have a theory, that when Valve (FINALLY) releases Half-Life 3, that we'll have to cross some desert and will, if even just for a background glance, see her walking through that desert, maybe with a companion cube.

    The fact that they put a Half-Life easter egg in Portal 2 (the hidden ship), makes me think this will happen. :D
  5. Lol
  6. The joke is on you.Half Life 3 is never coming out. They are obviously scared of the number 3.
  7. GameKribJEREMY do you have gears of war 3?
  8. question mark^ ? what do you mean by "negative" ..? do you mean no?
  9. someone obviously hasnt played counter strike =P
  10. I'm not a 24/7 gamer... lol I am busy with school.. trying to set up my high school classes so I can become a programmer so I can possibly work with plugins and such ^_^
  11. What Valve is really working on is atm is hats for CS:S and CS:GO.
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  12. Negative means no.

    Like Positive means yes.
  13. grr why wont you get a game that is actually fun besides minecraft! ;)
  14. I see him as the pc gamer type. So I'm sure he has plenty of awesome games.
  15. he has an xbox :)
  16. People still play online on xbox? I thought everyone had moved on to the 360 after all these years? It makes me wish people stilled played online for ps2/xbox. So many games you couldn't 100% without others.
  17. I ment he plays xbox 360 ( I think ) I need him to comment! lol