poofasaurus’s persistently postponed intro

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  1. Hello EMC! I’m poofasaurus :D

    I’m definitely not new, but have never posted on this thread. With my one year now passed, I feel as though it’s overdue and I no longer have an excuse.

    I started EMC about a year ago on smp4, moved to smp8 and started a mall, then transferred my mall to smp2 in the shire district. I still have a residence on smp8 and another on smp6, both themed, and I wouldn’t change it. J

    I started to play EMC when I was sifting through geometry lesson plans and found many that utilized Minecraft. Curious about this game that had totally taken over my students’ lives, I decided to try it, mostly to be able to connect to them and use the lesson plans. Well, after playing my trial period over and over for about a week, I broke down and bought the game. A year and a half later, I got super tired of single player and realized that servers existed and joined EMC first. It was the perfect distraction to a period of my life where I was faced with some difficult and trying decisions. My hubby followed a few days after that. We love EMC and it takes up too much some of the time we set aside for hobbies.

    I love helping people in-game and through Mumble. I’ve made some pretty great friends through the server. I went on a road trip this summer and got to meet my friends CDJS and Alain1087 in person :p I have an outpost where my alt spends a good deal of time, but I mostly love to build themed stuff. My favorite res is my shire on smp2. Some other friends expanded on the idea and we’ve got a small chunk of Middle Earth.

    Outside of EMC, I love to teach, write, read, cook, and spend time with my family. My hubby and I have a teeny cat named Penny and a large lap dog named Maya. She’s a 60lb white lab who’s usually snug asleep in my lap as I play EMC. I’ve included a picture below. We also love board games. Ticket to Ride is my favorite followed shortly after by Pandemic and Forbidden Island. Also, Catan. As you can imagine, we hold a lot of game nights with friends and family. Annnnd Euchre. The card game holds my heart! We have a yearly tournament at our family Christmas parties.

    There isn’t much else to know. I’m currently very busy with work and getting my master’s degree (almost done!) but I always still manage to find time to play EMC. I joined with zero expectations but the outpouring of community and the friendship I’ve received in return has far exceeded anything I could have expected.

  2. Hi poof, nice to know a bit about you:)
    Nice that you got to see CDJS and Alain1087 in person, that's pretty cool.
    I've noticed older players have done these recently, might do it myself;)
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  3. Hi poof. Nice to meet you. Glad you are enjoying the Empire. :)
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  4. im commenting on this because poof thinks noone likes her and its wrong
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  5. Hi poof or poofulls :p
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  6. Heya poof :)

    was not forced to post this
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  7. Tldr sorry i had to do this for white_trash_dna.
  8. Poof is awesome and lots of people like her :) Including me!
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  9. Hi Poof!

    I'm still a newbie, but Poof's store is my favorite.
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  10. I thought a month was overdue when i did my intro. lol Wow, nice to meet you Poofasaurus.
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  11. Well, since you never posted in this forum I guess you also never got an official welcome & introduction yet. We can't have that, now can we? SO... lol, sorry, its stronger than me! :D

    Hi Poof, welcome to the Empire!

    I see you ended up on SMP2, that's a really nice place and also the server I call my EMC home. So yeah, maybe we'll run into each other someday there. Be sure to ask if you need help with something, we're all happy to help out if we can so no worries there.

    A commonly asked question from newer players is how to earn rupees. Well, we have a wiki which is full of good info, but apart from that I can really advice to go out into the wastelands and mine stuff. Once you got a good load of items then you should try visiting /v +poof, that's one of the bigger shops on SMP2 and it also buys items! So if you need something you should definitely check that one out.

    I think (but I'm not sure, can't look it up right now) that you might be able to use /home to get there, how amazing is that?!


    Ok, ok, I'll get a bit more serious now ;)

    I think its fun to read stories like yours. So many players who I consider to be EMC veterans and when you look them up (or see details like you're posting here) they suddenly turn out to be about your own EMC age.

    Interesting, thanks for sharing! Yeah it is curious how deeply rooted that game has become these days. Here in Holland there are also many schools which have started to use it in order to get some things "easier across". Not bad for a game which is only roughly $20 :)

    And as you said yourself: EMC is a special place in its own.

    Thanks for the introduction and, yah, a well meant belated welcome to the Empire ;)
  12. Woot woot, about time. ;)