[POLL] Which Server to join?

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Which server?

Poll closed Oct 28, 2013.
Smp1 4 vote(s) 7.3%
Smp2 5 vote(s) 9.1%
Smp3 9 vote(s) 16.4%
Smp4 10 vote(s) 18.2%
Smp5 6 vote(s) 10.9%
Smp6 6 vote(s) 10.9%
Smp7 9 vote(s) 16.4%
Smp8 3 vote(s) 5.5%
Smp9 3 vote(s) 5.5%
  1. Yes i know people are gonna say that smp1 or smp9 are gonna get the most votes because they have the most players but even if they do get the most votes i might not join them. So vote in the poll above which server u think i should join and if u want me too stay on smp5 then vote for that one. :)
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  2. My home server since I joined was SMP1, and I have friends on SMP9 and SMP7 so I sometimes visit. I might be getting gold soon and to be 100% honest with you, SMP1 doesn't have very nice people. People join & immediately advertise/curse, people argue with you over absolutely anything, people just don't have even the slightest bit of common sense and such. I have a plan that if I become gold my second res is definitely going on SMP7. The people are nice, the economy is great. What is there not to love :p
  3. Thanks for that. I will keep that in mind :)
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  4. Go and live in smp7 good people, good place to live.
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  5. Smp7 is looking nice so far.
  6. SMP 7 definately. SMP 1 is exactly what Haro Said. Horrible.
    I moved to SMP 7, best choice I've ever made. Go 7!
  7. SMP4 is the same (like smp7)
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  8. Ok im gonna have my decision by tomorrow probably. so keep voting :D
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  9. Smp6 the need some players there. Help the empire.
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  10. Just gonna point this out smp1 and smp9 haven't gotten any votes haha :p

    I'd go with smp3 it doesn't have a lot of people online right now, but it is a tight knit community where we will help you adjust ;) I've lived here the since I joined EMC.. Feel free to check out my res on there 6006!
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  11. Shhh! saying that will cause the SMP 1 & 9 ians to vote! haha :p
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  12. Ok tomorrow when i get on (around 4pm EST) whichever server has most votes will be the one i go to!
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  13. I am moving to smp7 soon. All other servers are okay but have problems. SMP7 has a nice community, a not overcrowded population and a good economy. People are very open there so i recommend lucky number 7.
  14. Just sayin, smp3 needs the people XD

    Smp6 will get people. It's recommended on the site so of course people will join. But smp3 is forever alone (that's what she said -> REJECTED)

    Anyways, smp3 is a very nice community where the wastelands are RELATIVELY (compared to other smps) intact XD (and then there is the frontier)

    But, anyways, it is a nice, usually calm server, perfect for relaxing. And if you happen to join a large group, u can get the rare chance to use the chat on smp3 XD

    So, if you make some new friends, or see some old ones, invite them ALL into a group! Then it's a party XD

    And yes, I'm on my iPad ATM and can't italicizes, bold, underline, or change the color of text (as far as I no), but more importantly, shady manatee can't find me here XD
  15. Well, looks like im headed to smp7! cant wait to meet some new friends :)
  16. i like smp9, we have a bunch of great people, and the economy isnt bad
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  17. I claimed my res beside deathconn and cddm95ace's res!!
  18. Haha. The stark neighborhood! Cya round!
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