[POLL] Which 5 movies should I watch with my family?

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  1. Which top 5 movies should I watch with my family on Movie Thursday?

    In this poll, you decide which top 5 family movies I should watch tomorrow with my parents and sibling. This is only a little game, however, I WILL actually be watching these tomorrow as I have nothing to do since it's the school holidays. :p

    1. This has to be a FAMILY movie- no cursing or inappropriate scenes allowed. (Either a U or a PG- a 12 could be allowed maybe, only if we've viewed it before, be chosen. EG- Grown ups 2)
    2. You can only choose 1 movie
    3. Voting ends at 12:00am EMC time.

    I will be choosing the top 5 that have the most votes or if there ends up being all different movies I will choose the ones which I like the sound of most! Please vote!!
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  2. Mulan!
  3. Since Easter is right around the corner how about Hop.
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  4. Project X
  5. So many memories brung back with this, watch Hop!
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  6. Thanks everyone!
    I will be watching these movies today! But first... I'll need to go into town and get some theatre snacks!

  7. The Wizard of Oz is an old classic and still in my opinion one of the best movies ever made!
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  8. Daddy's home
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  9. The Lion King
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  10. Despicable Me!
  11. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am going to recommend Inside Out. I never watch Disney movies, but this one is a must. It's not your generic disney movie, it's something different.
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  12. I know it's late but The Incredibles, Wall-E, Wreck-It-Ralph, and, quite obviously, Monster's Freaking Inc. These movies are my childhood, and quite honestly I love them more than any other movies out there. The Incredibles and Wreck-It-Ralph are at a tie for 1st though. I needa decide on which one I prefer.
  13. I totally forgot about Wreck-It-Ralph! I loved that movie even more than Inside Out. Wreck-It-Ralph is actually relatable because of the video games aspect.
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  14. One problem though, it's not in the Pixar Theory...Not sure if you know anything about the Pixar Theory, but if not I highly suggest you look it up. It's INSANE and it makes me REALLY want to go watch every Pixar movie again. Except for Brave. That one sucked.
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  15. I just looked up the Pixar Theory... OMG it's crazy! That makes me want to watch more animated movies xD. Right now I'm practically obsessed with Captain America: Civil War. I'm so hyped for that movie. However, that's a story for a different thread.
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  16. Figured I would include the chart b/c you had yours in the UK rating, so for us US people... heres da chart.


    • Rewatch all the star wars movies ;) [This isnt my vote, but do it anyways. Taken is my vote]
    • Taken
    edit: didnt see when this thread was posted- but oh well. I wasnt the one who bumped it ;)
  17. Big Hero 6 :p
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