[POLL] What Should I Buy??

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What should I buy?

Alt 11 vote(s) 73.3%
Steam games 2 vote(s) 13.3%
Other 2 vote(s) 13.3%
  1. So I got 50 dollars for my birthday today, but I don't know how to spend a bit of it. What should I buy? An alt? Steam games? Help me please.
  2. Clearly candy is the correct answer here.
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  3. If those are the only two options you are debating on, pick the one that will you give you the most happiness. If you love playing steam games, then get more! If you love Emc/minecraft, get another alt. This should be based off of your feelings. Its hard to tell which one you like more based off the OP description. :)
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  4. Steam games, dont spend so much money buying more accounts for minecraft, go and buy some cool game to play thats different from minecraft so you can have something else to play instead of just minecraft
  5. Hmm, but I didn't say that I wasn't open to suggestions. You can suggest cool steam games, or other stuff.
  6. Dishonored $20
    CS:GO $14
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  7. Buy many alts and be like Cory.
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  8. Yes, many alts.
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  9. Get out of here alt.
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  10. IDEA: I could buy portal:still alive for xbox360 to play the original portal, plus some extra chambers. I've played 2, but not the original.
  11. If you like FPS, Borderlands is a great series. I don't know how old you are though, cause it's a rated M game, but it's my favorite. I also enjoyed the portal series. Those are pretty much the only ones I've played through steam.
  12. If you are 50 dollars. what would you do? This is why I remind myself of this saying. WWMD? Or What Would Money Do? Now. as I have learned from the stanley parable, choice is something everyone takes for granted, and if you make a terrible choice, there is no way of taking it back. So make a smart choice, or die :)

    Okay sarcasm aside. Maybe buy something that you will enjoy for a long time coming. Like a sandbox game. I once had 50 dollars. 25 of that on SuperHot and the rest on a hard drive. You can look up many 0-50 dollar games on steam, and pick out ones you like. Or you can buy barbie dolls if you are into that :p
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  13. I bought cobalt, REALLY loving it SOOOO much! Its sooo fun!
  14. I'd put it in an interest bearing savings account.
  15. Spend $50 on french fries.
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