[Poll] The Best Part of Minecraft?

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Best part Minecraft is?

Poll closed Jun 30, 2016.
Exploration 6 vote(s) 26.1%
Building 13 vote(s) 56.5%
Minigames 1 vote(s) 4.3%
PvP 1 vote(s) 4.3%
PvE 2 vote(s) 8.7%
  1. So what is the best part of Minecraft? Now let me break down the categories for you.

    Exploration: Exploring a Minecraft world discovering it's various places and locations.
    Building: Constructing amazing structures in Minecraft, whether it be buildings or worlds.
    Minigames: Enjoying the fun games made by the Minecraft community.
    PvP: Fighting to the death in the multiplayer game mode and PvP minigames.
    PvE: Surviving on your own world or on survival multiplayer server, also doing community created maps.

    So let us see what is the best part of Minecraft according to EMC. Poll closes in 7 days.
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  2. It's you, Shadow. You're the best part of Minecraft.
  3. I think PvE & Exploration really go hand in hand here. But yeah: exploration and actually mining is definitely my favorite part of the game. I love finding caves and cave entrances and then going in to find what lurks in the shadows :p

    For me Minecraft is all about making your own fun, and personally I think you'll have more fun pursuing a goal than actually achieving one. Which is why I personally enjoy mining for iron more than using an iron farm. The latter is cool and all, and it surely can get you easy iron which you can then sell off and such. But... My motivation is simple: where other players will spend (approx.) 2 hours being AFK to get iron, then spending a few moments to process it (making blocks for example) and then auctioning it off I usually smear this out over days.

    Mining iron takes time, and I'm usually taking my sweet time for it as well. So although I may not achieve the same results rupee-wise (when I eventually get my DC of iron people might be looking for something else again) I still had fun for all those days when I was mining. I might still have been enjoying myself while the players who went farming could already have been desperately looking for the next fun goal to achieve.
  4. I like to play with Redstone.... XD I don't do much in Minecraft anymore since I got a ps3 again. I've picked up MGS3 and am currently going through European Extreme mode. Stuck at the Volgin fight..... Lol Aaaanyway, I like that there is wiring in a game like this. Auto-gates and doors are fun. ^_^
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  5. Tomorrow the poll closes and I will reveal the results, so vote while you can!
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  6. Only few more hours!
  7. Here are the results!
    1. Building: 56.5% of votes
    2. Exploration: 26.1% of votes
    3. PvE: 8.7% of votes
    4. Minigames: 4.3% of votes and PvP: 4.3% of votes
    And there you have it! The best part of Minecraft according to EMC is Building! Please remember there is bias as this is a Survival server, results may vary from server to server.
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