[POLL] Should we be able to sell our residences without resetting what's already been done to it?

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Should we be able to sell our residences without resetting what's already been done to it?

Yes 33 vote(s) 73.3%
No 12 vote(s) 26.7%
  1. What if we had the ability to sell our residences as is? Meaning, instead of unclaiming a residence and it wiping clean, what if we want to sell our houses/farms in its entirety to someone? we could use a command such as... /res (number) ownership (new owner) or something, not sure what Residences plugin has for the command, but I think it would add an aspect to the game that some players would enjoy, including the ability to be involved with 'real estate'... you could have one person as an agent taking care of showing the residence and making arrangements to settle on a final price, and then they would get a set percentage of the purchase price for their services.

    It may seem too complicated, but it really could be sifted down to something extremely simple.
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  2. I got this idea too, but not worked t out, YES!
  3. This could be a really good idea! But what if you already own a plot and your not a supporter how would you be able to keep a 2nd plot?
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  4. An okay idea, I guess. The only problem would be that if you got hacked, the hacker could sell your residence to themselves. To get around this I suggest having a special four digit/letter passcode/password which you need to confirm your selling/buying.
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  5. This is such a good idea, if someone made a nice house which someone else would want but cant make, it could give them the opportunity to have it! :).
  6. maybe instead of selling, people can "trade" residences?
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  7. This would be a great way for people to build and sell things.

    I could go and build a huge shop and then sell it to someone who wants a shop but may not have the creativity or time to make one
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  8. If you thought you were hacked, they could check the recent IP addresses that used your character, then match them with someone else. Plus, if you get hacked on minecraft, you have bigger problems!
    The agent and the "owner" of the business could live on the same residence?
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  9. I like this idea. Although I see this causing new problems for mods. I imagine it would have to be treated the same way they treat spawner sells. I would love to take up a job as a real estate broker.
  10. Would it cause lag?
  11. wait, change mine to yes
  12. Grammar Nazi Says: HAVE to! HAVE to!
    Oh ya, and you could temp sell you res to someone for them to build what you want them to.
  13. Brilliant. Maybe residence auctions?
    And we'd have to have some sort of price negotiation, because chest shop prices would be a bit too rigid.
  14. I'd buy leowaste's residence anyday. :p
  15. lol i wouldnt have enough ruppies
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  16. Since he has the dragon egg, which i think is useless because it just sits their. And his shop, it would cost around 1 million rupees...
  17. I'll buy it off him and put it on my tab
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  18. False. He blew it up.
  19. or we could buy one from someone, but also buy more for like 20,000r from the empire
  20. No, I think it'd be like selling an item, You don't keep half, do you? The lot becomes theirs, and you would get to claim another.