Poll: Should Lock cost Less?

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Should the lock chest price be lowered?

YES, I hate spending all my money on a lock 26 vote(s) 38.2%
NO, People should carry their stuff with them! 42 vote(s) 61.8%
  1. This has been a issue for some as locking a chest in the wild costs 1000r! i know you get 500r refunded, but 500r to lock a chest? no way.

    I think this is a serious matter as I have started to spend more and more time in the wild and my money has severly gone down due to this. The high cost of this gives griefers a chance to rob people. The cost should be halfed or even changed to 100r and no refund.

    On the other hand, most peoples chests are only temporary, so they get rid of it once they are going.
    The /report is there for a reason. if you get griefed, do /report. People always carry most of their stuff around, but if your inventory gets full, drop off the stuff you don't need. Dirt, gravel, old tools.

    What do you think?
  2. The cost is what it is because at heart we are still a survival server. We also didn't want there to be 234327423987 chests in the wild, which would happen if they were affordable. The price of 1000/500 refund was actually helped decided by the communty as we were coming out with the feature.

    Also, please read http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-dos-and-donts-of-the-report-system.6740/. Using /report for a griefing incident will only get it unflagged. There is not nearly enough information or proof you can provide with just a little text. We ask that if you're a reporting a griefing, you have proof and message a moderator on the site so we can investigate it for you.
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  3. To be honest, I think the price should be higher.

    Locking chests is a bonus, and not a Vanilla feature.

    We are mainly a Vanilla server.

    I wouldn't mind paying 2k per chest lock, and only 500r refund.
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  4. I agree, I mean we ARE diamond, so we can afford it, but either way, I definitely don't think they should be cheaper.
  5. I hope whoever views this post sees this. I wasn't actually wanting it to be lowered, but a few people might.
  6. I wish it was 750 but only because I'm a cheepo :3 nah it should stay how it is :)
  7. well we dont care cause we get 1,300 a day -.-
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  8. Actually I didnt say this for that reason.

    Chest locking is taking away from the Vanilla Minecraft experience and you should be grateful that its as low as it is now.
  9. How bout it's more expensive for higher donator status? 1k for normal people, 1.5k for iron. 2k for gold and 2.5k for diamond.

    Would make this more balanced.
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  10. I gained the majority of my rupees before becoming a donator. This solution should be invalid.
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  11. I think that would be a TERRIBLE idea. this would make it WORSE to be a supporter. If anything I think the refund should be higher.
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  12. You are diamond, I'm not... :(
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  13. You don't have to be Diamond to afford it. I have roughly 120k rupees, probably 95% of it was earned before becoming Diamond.
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  14. 1000Rupees for others not to steal your stuff?. Ehh, i see that as a very fair price, i even think it should be higher for getting our stuff secured.

    When people gets griefed they complain,

    When they can protect there chest they still complain,

    If you can't afford getting your chest secured why do you live in the wilderness then?

    Here is a tip:

    Go down to layer 12 and start branch mining. You should be able to get a fair amount of stuff you can sell withing 1hour.

    In Denmark we always says this " Du skal yde for at nyde " I will give an example for what this means in this sittuation.

    Oh i just got griefed, but luckly i payed 1000rupees for getting my valuable stuff secured.

    I hope you get my drift and sorry for my bad english :)
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  15. Um...

    What's the point of getting extra rupees for being a supporter if prices also increase? :p
  16. I'm not complaining. I was seeing what other people think about this
  17. We just need an occasional complete wild reset. That got rid of the pesky "excess locked chest" problem last time. :p
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  18. What exactly is the definition of a vanilla server ?
  19. Download the Minecraft server from minecraft.net and run it. "Vanilla" means unmodified/original. Using any other server is therefore not vanilla, by definition.

    EMC is, relatively speaking, close to vanilla, at least when you're in the wilderness or the nether.
  20. Aah I get it. That's the thing I love about EMC, When things get to much in town, you've always got the option of living in the wilderness for that original minecraft feel, whereas on a lot of other servers they are so heavily modified it takes away the challenge.