[POLL] Should I continue with the Center for Elytra Studies?

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Should we use these as a public transportation thing?

Yes, I think that these towers would be used by the community enough to make the work & $ worthwhile 15 vote(s) 78.9%
No I think that these towers are not practical enough to make the investment of time & $ worthwhile 4 vote(s) 21.1%
  1. Basically the plan was to put a series of elytra launchers up in the wilderness.

    Because of a tweak from vanilla — not allowing boats to push players — to prevent PvP, the very compact boat-launchers aren't possible on EMC, sadly.

    I have an alternate design, which doesn't go as far and requires 9 TNT (~360r) to operate. TNT is expensive, and that makes me think this might not actually be something the community wants as a public transportation kind of thing, although I'm sure there might be some use for personal edge cases.

    What I'm asking the community is, do you think these elytra towers, which go about 3400 blocks (assuming to y=60) are worth the time and money to build? For about 36 towers in the Wilderness and a couple in the Waste it'll cost an SMP ~40k just to build, and each tower requires 9 TNT each use. It would take a LOT of work from myself and volunteers to get this going.
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  2. Bump. Also, feel free to discuss.
  3. not something id use myself, but if u go along ill donate 9 stacks of TNT. PM me if u do.
  4. i wanna buy an elytra but they cost a bit too much for me, these launchers woud be cool and ill use it when i have the money for elytra
  5. If this continues, I would love to volunteer!
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  6. So I've looked at some stuff, I'm thinking of doing a wasteland only system, it would have 13 towers, cost of <10k.
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  7. Ok, I can help donate rupees and items, and I will also help to build them. This is on smp1, correct?
  8. All SMPs, each one will be built individually. Give me a second.
  9. Alternate Wasteland Plan: 7 towers, 4371 rail in the Nether, basically the same range but you'll only need 9 TNT to go anywhere more or less.
  10. Just did the math, 90% coverage give or take of the Wastelands.
  11. Have you started yet, or are you waiting for more volunteers/materials?
  12. I'm waiting to do stuff until I'm back at my main computer at least.
  13. How long will that be?
  14. Check my status.
  15. I think this is an interesting idea, I hope it works out for you :)
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  16. I've come up with a final waste system. Covers ~95% of the waste, using 9 Elytra towers and about 800 meters of horse tunnel.

    For the cost of 9 TNT (~300r) and putting your horse in a stable (100r), you can get to basically everywhere in the waste in less than five minutes (one-way, but ofc you can just die to go back to spawn). All you need is an Elytra.