[POLL] Potatoes or Carrots?

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Potatoes or Carrots?

Poll closed Aug 28, 2015.
Potatoes 30 vote(s) 76.9%
Carrots 9 vote(s) 23.1%
  1. This is in regards to a build I plan on doing on my Utopia res. Simply vote above which one you like more.
    Poll closes in a week.
  2. Can I be that guy and ask for carrots sticking out of a giant potato? :rolleyes: I'll go for potatoes :p

  3. Vote for potato and:

    If you don't vote for potato:

    Vote for potato.
  4. 'taters. Because they got it all!

    That's right folks, welcome to the EMC potato hotline where you can order your POTATO today! Potato, tomato, who cares ;)

    So why do you want a potato? It's simple; you sit in the wastelands, you are getting hungry and... Now what? The answer: a potato! Its healthy, its nurturing and experts show that it is healthy. Eating a potato does it all: it helps you get that nice figure you always wanted or to build up those muscles. So order today!

    But what if you don't like the cold and moist, hard to eat, potato? Well; then you cook it of course! You heard that right: make a cooked potato out of a regular potato. And all it takes is one furnace and one coal. Where do you get coal? Good you ask!

    If you order your potato today we will ship one free coal as bonus! You heard right: order a potato and get one free coal! How can you even resist this offer?

    But wait, there's even more!

    Have you ever been in that situation; you have build a nice field near your base and out come those pesky neighbors playing Cat on their jukeboxes all day and even allowing their cows and sheep to tramp on your farmland! And when you go over to complain they're always "out mining".

    But do we got the solution for you!

    Introducing our special offer: the poisonous potato! It's like the regular potato but it's green! Move over teenage mutant ninja turtles! One small bite from this potato and you'll get your point across easily.

    So... we, at the EMC shopping channel, have decided to not only give you one. Not give you two. But give you 3 (!!) poisonous potatoes with every order you place!

    Let's review this offer shall we? Order a potato now and get not only a free coal, not only a poisonous potato but get three poisonous potatoes totally free!

    Here's how to order (or how to become an EMC supporter, I'll be sure to suggest this offer to Aikar sometime, somewhere, in the far distant future ;)).
  5. Protect the spuds of love! ;)
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  6. you could've just said vote for 'taters. Ya didn't need a speech.
  7. Yes I did ;)

    Now I can determine if I have what it takes to start my own sales channel ;)
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  8. I vote for Potato, and why you may Ask? Well its tike for a Story, so Children, Gather Round.

    There once was a Time when Earth was Potatoless, no Baked Potatoes, Loaded With Butter, Bacon, Cheese, and Sour Cream. No mashed up Potatoes covered in Gravy, not Even Salty Delicious French Fries, or Potato Bread Rolls! The Earth was sad without Potatoes. The People wanted a versatile food, One that could be Mashed up and served hot with your Poultry Dinner, or Cut into Thin crispy salty slices, or cut open and Stuffed with food!

    It was then that the Space Potato King, spreader of Potatoes throughout the Cosmos, Potato Jebus, heard the Plea of the People of Earth. He mystically Floated over to Earth on his mystical flying Mashed Potato Cloud. "I HAVE HEARD YOUR PLEA EARTHINGS!" He Bellowed, "THEREFORE I SHALL MAKE IT RAIN POTATO, FOR IT IS THE FOOD YOU DESIRE!"

    And then, a miracle Happened. Potatoes Rained from the sky in Shades of Brown, Gold, Blue, Red and Yellow. Mashed Potato appeared in Bowls, and Cook Books of Potato recipies rained from the sky.

    And that, Children, is why the Potato is Majestic
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  9. Potatoooo
  10. Potato! I choose you!
    Opponent Carrot Master God sent out Carrot!

    Potato use potato splash of DETH
    Carrot fainted
  11. Poisonous Potato, I choose you!
    Opponent Carrot Farmer sent out Carrot!
    Carrot used Orange Oasis!
    Poisonous Potato's defense fell...
    Poisonous Potato used Food Poisoning!
    It was super effective!
    Carrot used Tackle!
    It was super effective!
    Poisonous Potato fainted.
    Baked Potato, I choose you!
    Carrot used Orange Oasis!
    Baked Potato's defense fell...
    Baked Potato used Scorch!
    It was super effective!
    Carrot Fainted!
    Hey! Baked Potato is evolving!
    Baked Potato evolved into Tuberlord.