[Poll] Legend's Minecraft Photography - Good Idea or Not?

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Is this a good idea

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Yes! 13 vote(s) 100.0%
No! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm here today to ask for your opinion; after all the positive feedback and purchases from my Graphics Service, I was wondering if I should make a Minecraft Photography thread/website.

    On this thread/website, I will be posting some Hi-Definition Minecraft Photos with a few effects/tweaks (E.G Sharpened, Depth of Field). You may use these photos for anything you like (E.G Wallpaper, Signature), as long as you give some credit towards me. :)

    So, in the poll or post what you think about this. Also, I will decide what to do after a week or so. :)

    EDIT: I also had no idea where to put this thread under, it would be great if a mod could move it to the appropriate category :)
  2. Interesting idea...
    I have done this before myself. I take screenshots with shaders on then add slight tweaks to them. Just don't put a price on these.
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  3. Lol, that's basically the whole point, just to showcase some images that I edit. Like I said before, you may use them for anything you want, as long as you give some credit towards me :)
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  4. I took screenshots before of Emc with texture packs and light shaders, fun stuff I must say
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  5. I know! Photography, after teaching, is one of my favourite hobbies! :)
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  6. Also 1 question :D
    <----- ( That image) Do you do the face image thingymajig too? Because I just cropped a image for hours to get this :p
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  7. What do you mean? If you're asking for a new one, you should ask on the proper Graphics thread :)
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  8. Well k but I didn't mean sig I ment the caracter pic :D
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  9. You could make chunky renders aswel!

    its a good idea you should do it :)
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  10. Are you a teacher?
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  11. Yes I am! :)
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  12. Avatar pic
    BTW a 200x200 pixel Image works best
  13. What state?
  14. Alright :) I'll get to it soon.

    I teach in Victoria, Australia.
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  15. Cool
  16. Wait, WHUT! Your and Aussie! High five!
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  17. Sorry, got off topic xD Good idea, always love websites/threads, Im a young designer myself! (again off topic but meh)
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  18. *Hi-Five*

    That's not too off topic. That's great how you're learning to design at a young age, I'm sure in a year or so, you'll have your own business/service going. :)
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  19. Thanks
  20. Yeah! I'm still a noob at Chunky, you'll have to teach me some of those tricks and tips. :D
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