[POLL] Empire Gaming League

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Would you participate?

Yes 13 vote(s) 50.0%
Maybe 8 vote(s) 30.8%
No 5 vote(s) 19.2%
  1. Basically;

    • Every two weeks, members from EMC will be picked to participate in a random game.
    • The members will compete in a 1v1 to move onto the next bracket, each game one member will be eliminated, until there are two people left.
    • The final winner will receive all of the other player's entry fees.

    • The game for that tournament will be announced a week before so that members have time to practice and learn the game.
    • The entry fee per member is 5,000 rupees.

    • Bring members together outside of EMC to play and compete in other games for prizes.
    More details to come.
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  2. What kind of games? Minigames such as skywars or lengthier ones like UHC? I'd be up for minigames.
  3. They won't be minecraft related.
  4. Ohh, that sounds cool!
  5. How would people be able to join the games if they don't currently have it? I personally would not like to buy a game every now and then just to participate. Although I could see that other people may like this.
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  6. Im down for some csgo
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  7. We wouldn't compete in games that need purchase unless everyone participating has it.
  8. There are some games that every PC gamer "should" have, if there are not enough player for these events. Minecraft or F2P games like Team Fortress 2 can be used instead of games that require purchase...
  9. There aren't many free games out there and if you have, for say, 20 people, then what are the chances of that many people participating to have a fun competition? I'm not trying to be rude, but just having a few people (3-5 maybe) get together in a game and placing bets would be better than 20 people all getting together at the same time on a game that might not even be that good.
    Edit: Yes there are some good games, but not everyone has a good PC (Blah blah TF2 not demanding at all) and personally I do not care for to many games.
  10. This is a lie... look up MMoHuts and look at the Steam F2P section as well...
  11. Sorry, never finished reading that post DJ. I agree with that totally.
  12. If you read the OP, games would be 2 people and they would compete to win to move up in the tournament.
  13. Sorry I worded that wrong. I mean what are the chances of 20 people all coming together and trying to get 20 people in to games of 1 vs. 1. It would be a challenging feat. Anyways if this does work out, have fun. Sounds like an interesting idea.
  14. Games out of Minecraft? Count me the hell in. I have nothing better to do with my life right now either way.
  15. Count me in??????????? Maybe????????
  16. I won't be participating, simply lack the time for that, but do have a suggestion/tip... I think you should make sure to make some solid agreements with regards to game play and -rules up front, and make sure that all players agree with it too. Maybe even get some kind of referee involved?

    Because I can't help worry that you risk getting a major riot on your hands when some players for whatever reason (legit or not doesn't matter) suspect others of cheating or foul play. Especially when they coughed up 5k up front.

    I may be completely off here, which would be cool, but as said: I simply can't help wonder...
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  17. After another day or two of opinions/voting I'll make the official thread.