[POLL] Emoji or Minecraft Enderman?

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Emoji or Enderman?

Enderman 18 vote(s) 100.0%
Emoji 1 vote(s) 5.6%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to let you guys do a poll. So, here it is! I wanna chosse one of these, so you guys vote to see which one is better.
    Also, leave a comment about which one you chose and why.
  2. Guys, It seems you guys have been voting, but not leaving who voted for it and why. You guys need to do that so I know, thank you.
  3. I think this has a meaning to it.
  4. Uhm, they aren't comparable?
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  5. Just like he said, theres not much to compare between little pictures people use to text with, and giant creatures in M.C. that seem to only hate me xD.'

    So I don't know what to chose... They are both some times scary.
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  6. Sure..
  7. You can make the poll to where you can view the results, by the way :)
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  8. You're getting mad at us because we're not replying to a thread which we can't debate about? What are we supposed to talk about here? How emoji are better than endermen because they're yellow or how endermen move? IMO, this thread/poll is pointless. You have given us two completely different options that have little valid reasons to be better than the other. Try making two things that relate? (ie; Mac and Windows or even vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream. Anything works as long as they fit into similar categories)

    Please, for the sake of everyone here, ask a mod to close this thread before everyone gets annoyed and make rash decisions.
  9. This subject could be somewhat accepted if it had more description.
    Such as ,"Would you like to live your life as an emoji or an enderman?"
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  10. Err, that could be acceptable but how do you live your life as an emoji? =P
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  11. Be constantly sent thru. text =P
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  12. Idk? What ww2 said? :p
  13. HelloKitty: please actually respect the bumping rules. They're every 3 hours. Every time you post like you have with your first 4 posts is considered a bump.

    Anyway, I think enderman are better because I can hit them.
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  14. I chose both, because the option was there (is that how you're supposed to do it?).
  15. technically you could hit an emoji but would end up with a fist through whatever electronic device you are using.
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  16. :(, ok!