[POLL] Do you use RSS?

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Do you, personally, use RSS (or have you ever used it?)

Yes 3 vote(s) 30.0%
No 7 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. RSS (the little you see scattered around websites) seems like something that is supported by basically everything but, in parallel, is something that basically nobody that I know uses.

    If you didn't know, RSS is a system where you can subscribe to a feed and it will show up in your personal feed. It's a way of consolidating information around the internet (often news or things that are frequently updated, like blogs) so that it takes you less time to catch up on everything you check. It's a bigger hassle to setup and maintain than it is useful but hey, maybe there are some people around that use RSS.

    I want to know, do you personally use RSS (or have you ever used it)?

    Let me know!
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  2. Huh... I have always wondered what that was.
  3. One problem here is that it wouldn't surprise me if plenty of people use this while they're unaware of it. I mean: that news app on your phone which gets you the latest headlines? That might be fully powered by RSS while you might be thinking that it merely picks up on stuff from the website.

    You'd actually be right (about the website) but the method used would still be RSS.
  4. I find rss to be absolutely fantastic. I use flipboard and can just paste an rss feed link in to get it added to the feed. Being able to view every site I am interested in in one app works great considering the alternative is usually to install the app for each site individually and get less features.
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