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What currency should our outpost try and use?

Diamonds, duh! 9 vote(s) 45.0%
Emeralds every day. 5 vote(s) 25.0%
Gold for good! 3 vote(s) 15.0%
These choices suck! Allow me to share my two cents (heh).. 3 vote(s) 15.0%
  1. The economy of EMC is kind of a big deal, since it's how we all trade and such. The rupee is an invaluable (how ironic :p) part of our server, and something we use every day. But, what about those who leave Town in search of a more elbow-roomy environment? I'm talking about all of us who brave out the big world in the frontier who can't really spend rupees at shops unless they venture into town.
    Now, I'm a big YouTube nerd, and I've been indulging recently on Hermitcraft Season VI, as well as Minecraft Evo SMP (you will be missed, Grian! :confused:), and I've been taking note of how their economies work without the use of an official in-server currency.
    On Evo, mostly just items in general are used for trading, and not anything specific is used as "currency". However, Hermitcraft is something different. The Hermits do something that I'm sure many of us have done before- use diamonds. And we're talking about some high-end shops doing some pretty cool trading and selling.
    Living out in the frontier and planning a city-like community (for the third time, yes I know, but this one we're taking our time with to make sure it works out better!), using rupees is sorta awkward. So it came to my attention that maybe we out here could try something like Hermitcraft! I'm not suggesting that it be server-wide (although that would be pretty cool), but something just within our borders.
    But, I need help deciding what we should use! Here's what I was thinking:

    The obvious choice. They're extremely useful, meaning that having them circulate through the community could only prove to be useful, and it seems that everyone has them in some form at least, even if only a few.
    Already used with our beloved villagers, emeralds don't really serve much of a purpose besides trading. Why not broaden that sense of trading by doing something like a player-based currency with them too? That would certainly make them a bit more worth having, right?
    Gold is very valuable in our world, but not as much on EMC or Minecraft as a whole. It's pretty weak, and only really has a good purpose for blinging out builds. Why not use gold ingots kinda like how we used to use gold or other metals in our coins?
    I wanna hear opinions! And if you think of something else that we could use, don't be afraid to share down in the comments! I want to hear all I can! I think this could be a pretty cool idea! :)
  2. Emeralds and Gold arent stable enough to use as a currency. Both Emeralds and Gold is too easy to obtain. Either through trading or Goldfarming. Diamonds is much more stable and the only way to obtain them is through mining/voting as far as I know. The stability of an Emerald or Gold based economy could be tipped far to easy by an influx of emeralds/gold.
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  3. Make your own currency that only you have the power to give out. Keep track on a publicly viewable excel sheet. Reward people for doing tasks to grow the community.
  4. I have my outpost in the Frontier as well and I like the idea of a Diamond based economy. I only come to town to collect my mail. A 30min rail ride one way through the Nether gets very long indeed.
    Collecting Rupes for no more than voting is the only way I receive them, it kinda feels like charity. but to be able to be reworded for your hard work by "Mining" in "Mine"craft... seems like the way to go way out here in the Frontier...
    Thinking, Thinking, Thinki... wait... :/ I'am so far out I have no neighbors to trade with... hmmm? Oh well my bad I never should have built that far out in the first place, I'm still kicking myself for that one. Diamonds are a good idea, if I ever get any neighbors to barter with that would be a fun twist for EMC'ers like myself out on the edge of nowhere.
  5. I don't think you could 'decide' on a Minecraft item for people to use as currency. You can fully regulate influx of custom currency, like Mman suggested, or have people use whatever they want. This will be diamonds, as those are as far as I know still the most valuable, even considering the voting rewards.
  6. There's no item that would reliably keep value / be immune to changes in the game. You might issue your own currency - signed books. Then you set an exchange course book vs emeralds and book vs. diamonds. You need substantial capital (reserve) to be able to keep your currency stable. Feel free to ask about details. I might be interested to run a reserve bank. :)

    Better option: find X people and bribe Aikar to allow shops in the frontier.

    Sea also: The barter shop on SMP6 /v 12163 - it uses diamonds as base, should have used books instead.
    You could set up shops in the town so people can exchange your currency whenever they wish - with the expense of traveling to the town.
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  7. I agree with M1ner that books seem the only truly stable option atm... though diamonds would still be realistic.. a large influx being like a gold rush.
    I find though i have dcs of diamonds just through voting...
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  8. Hmm let me think about that