[Poll] 1.9 Features

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What is your favourite 1.9 feature(s)?

Poll closed Mar 14, 2016.
Elytra 33 vote(s) 67.3%
The End Cities 17 vote(s) 34.7%
New Blocks to Build With 17 vote(s) 34.7%
New Mobs to Fight 8 vote(s) 16.3%
New Crops 10 vote(s) 20.4%
New PvP Mechanics 7 vote(s) 14.3%
Other (Please specify in Post) 5 vote(s) 10.2%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello everyone!
    As you all probably know by now, Mojang released 1.9 at 9:15 AM EMC time. I decided to pop on an do some designing of a few new farm designs, as well as see what actually made it into the final release.

    Here's one of the farms I designed

    My question for you is...
    What is your favourite features that was added in 1.9?
    Is it the Elytra, the expanded end, or something else?
  2. What type of farm is that?
  3. I'm loving the new arrows and enchantments.
  4. tipped arrows
  5. I love everything but the new Pvp mechanics and that God apples can only be found in dungeons. Some things I love about it that's not listed:
    -Frostwalker and mending enchantments
    -The new igloo dungeon
    -Dragon head
    -Lingering potions
    -Tipped arrows.
  6. It looks like it for chorus fruit. See the plant that looks like a real cactus.
  7. Oh, I haven't looked into 1.9 yet. Just looks like a crappy update where they try to further change the game into something it isn't. That's just my opinion. Since Microsoft bought Minecraft I expect change, but some of these new 1.9 things I read about just seem to be trying too hard.
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  8. It is a Chorus farm, I like to call it the Chorusmatic 5000 xD
  9. The Crystal is my Fav, Can make so many spots fit it perfectly....

    I also like the path blocks, but sure what else, may try and play with the new end blocks, see what i can fit, its always 2-4 weeks after new items come out, till i find i like them.... haha...
  10. I want to see if I can create a automated Chorus fruit farm :)
  11. I love the elytra and that new mob, the ender-thing. I spent 2 hours fighting them lol. They give you levitation and you can fly in survival :)
  12. Im really really excited for everything! :D I love that the new mob gives you levitation and i love that we will be able to ''fly'' aka soar with elytras! :D
  13. I designed a chorus fruit/flower farm too! My design is made to be super cheap so that I can easily build it as a public farm when EMC updates.

    This design is for chorus fruit. You can plant up to 16 flowers, wait for them to grow, and press the button to wash all the fruit to the edges of the farm (the dispenser has water in it).This design is the same as the last one, except that it has a checker pattern of cobble over it. There isn't cobble over the end stone. With the roof, the farm works for chorus flowers. Plant up to 16 flowers, harvest the new ones that grow, and wash away the stems.
  14. You guys are never gonna see me walk again ;)
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  15. I've not played much in 1.9 on SP. Watched my daughter do it a few times though :p. From what I've seen/read, I'm looking forward to the new crops and grow-able blocks. Would also love to get a dragon head, but most of all I want the skeleton horse. Just to have one as it is, the possible promo ideas it can be used for, etc. Just seems like a great addition. Shame they haven't made the Zombie Horse available without commands yet. Guess I will just have to settle for Chin's Zombie Horse that roams around spawn :D
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  16. These two features are awesome to me as well. The skeletal horses just look crazy, and I love the little feature (assuming it's still a thing) where if you power the dragon head the mouth opens and closes.
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  17. Chorus, skeleton horses, and frost walker :)
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