[Poll] 1.8 minerals

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Of all six, which would you prefer? (Please don't click all of them :))

Raw Diorite 6 vote(s) 37.5%
Raw Granite 6 vote(s) 37.5%
Raw Andesite 5 vote(s) 31.3%
Polished Diorite 6 vote(s) 37.5%
Polished Granite 8 vote(s) 50.0%
Polished Andesite 7 vote(s) 43.8%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. If you do vote, thank you for your contribution! :D
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  2. They are not Minerals, they are stone types ;)
    And prefer for what?
  3. Gah, always something wrong xD
    Just design. What material you would use the most if you were given the option to buy any of them. I ask the raw AND polished versions too, because they can both be used in different designs.
  4. But what if I like all of them...?
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  5. There goes Ark, breaking the rules :p
  6. Lol, fine, you can choose all of them :p
  7. Why is there more votes for raw vs polished.. Only difference is looks :cool:
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