*pokes head in*

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  1. Hi there everyone! A friend of mine recommended Empire Minecraft to me, so here I am. Gotta say I love the shop and town idea, at least you're not completely fending for yourself :D!
  2. Welcome to EMC! Who was the friend that recommended EMC to you btw?
  3. Hello, I am PRO_G4NGST4 (lol, because my profile name doesn't say that already ;)). Welcome to emc!
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  4. Ohaidere welcome to the. Community :D what smp you choose?
  5. Welcome to EMC! You have also entered the VTZ. (Valve Time Zone)
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  6. Welcome to the Empire! I hope you enjoy the server as much as we do.
  7. *Aikar time zone :p (They're very similar :p)
    Welcome to EMC! :)
  8. Welcome to EMC Reaf!
  9. Welcome to EMC!
    Where the server trolls you.
  10. Hello and welcome.
  11. Hello.
    Run. Quickly.
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  12. Welcome to EMC if you have questions need stuff ask or visit smp 1 2543
  13. Welcome to EMC! If you have questions don't be afraid to ask! Also remember to read the guide.
  14. Thank you everyone :D! Unfortunately I don't know my friend's in game name, but next time he's online on facebook, I'll be sure to ask. Now, back to building my house lol!
  15. Welcome to the Empire. Have you been enjoying it?
  16. :D Welcome to the Empire! :cool:
    Don't forget to check out the Empire Guide.