Pokemon Rumble World: The Story of How In Three Days, I Became Addicted to This Stupid Little Game

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  1. Last Wednesday, I sat in my room, bored for the first time in forever. I had exhausted my Easter break video game supply, having finished all three of them- Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101, and Persona 4: Golden (all great games btw.) They were all over too fast (Persona especially, mostly because I had already completed about three fourths of the game. :p) With nothing to do, I grabbed my go to system- the 3DS- and turned it on. I decided to check the eShop for any sales on games to play. However, when the eshop loaded up, I noticed an icon for a new game, titled Pokemon Rumble World. I noticed the price was free, so I immediately set it to download.
    I left for just a couple of minutes, came back, and saw the game was already downloaded. "That was fast," I said, and I quickly went back to the home menu and opened the game.

    I played the game for a while. I completed the opening tutorial and caught a couple 'mons. Suddenly, I noticed that it was 5:30, and that i had somewhere to be at 6. As I turned back to the game, I suddenly noticed that a character was giving me these gems, titled "Poke Diamonds." The character's explanation said that I could use them to get more areas and other things. I decided to quickly check these out, but I made a mental note to do that and then quickly get ready.

    An hour later, I get a phone call. I put down the game and pick it up. It's my friend, asking where I am and why I'm not there yet. I get a sinking feeling in my gut and realize that I was supposed to meet her a half an hour ago. Quickly, I apoligize, hang up the phone, and bolt out the door.

    My friend's still really ticked at me, and I don't blame her. This game, this stupid, mindless button masher- it had me so preoccupied that I forgot about what I had to do. I think that proves something about Pokemon Rumble World- It's really, really, really addicting. I've played past Pokemon Rumble games, and they've all been ok, at best. This one offers no expansion to gameplay other than more pokemon and a cuter atmosphere, but that's all it needs. The whole driving force behind these games is the same as the main series's- you gotta catch em all. Other than collecting, there's really not much to see in these games. But the drive to collect more and more monsters keeps you playing. It holds you in place. If it wasn't for that, these games would have nothing going for them.

    I'm still playing this game, and I think I will for a while. It's definitely caught my attention. If you haven't downloaded it yourself yet, I'd recommend you do. I mean, why not? It's free!
  2. Very interesting. Pokémon Rumble is what I'd call a mobile game on a handheld. Like, it's a typical appstore game. Not much depth, addicting gameplay, free to play, but with in-game money that you can buy with real money.
    I certainly wouldn't play it because I'm not a fan of such games, but I don't mind them making such games, as long as they also continue to develop the main series.
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  3. I agree the main games are much better, but just as those little App Store games are entertaining, this game is too. You can play for five minutes, put it down, and then play it again sometime later.
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  4. I haven't played this game, as of yet. I already have enough games to play right now. However, my brother has downloaded it and is enjoying it. I prefer to stick with other app game things like CoC and particularly Puzzle and Dragons.