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  1. So the news is grim right now.. Although the bank was supposed to be released today, the release has been postponed for an indefinite amount of time, whilst the Nintendo network is being repaired.. By all means, it could still release today but at this moment there is no release in North America. On the bright side, the overflow from Japan has brought fresh pokemon into the mix as they had the bank for a few hours on Christmas day before the Nintendo network went down.. (My mighty Crobat went off to live with someone in exchange for a german Feebas.. :D)
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  2. I dunno if its a plusle but I have heard that everyone who uses the bank before September will automatically get a pretty Celebi/Serebii deposited directly into their bank account.. :eek:
  3. I've heard something about a Celebi as well, but I haven't heard how to get it

    Gah, Nintendo likes delaying things this year. Even if it's not their fault -.-
    First Flipnote, now Pokemon Bank, what next?
  4. i dont have pokemon black or white 2 so i cant even use it ._.
  5. You don't have to have Black/White/2 to use the bank. The bank is used to store up to 3,000 pokemon in general, and only works for 6th gen. It is the transporter that needs the 5th gen games, and it comes free with the bank. The transporter translates the 5th gen data into the bank for use with the 6th gen game. :p
  6. Im guessing sixth gen is x and y?
  7. Good guess :p
  8. ;( Thought this would be a happy thread. Unfortunately, it appears I was wrong
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  9. yes but i mean that i want pokemon for my diamond game to my Y game
  10. Gonna have to get Pokemon Black then
  11. black or black 2?
  12. either will work.. :)
  13. So I emailed Nintendo and received a response this morning.. :oops:
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  14. well atleast they reacted.. :(
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  15. I hear so much about this, but now what is the pokemon bank?
  16. The pokemon bank is an application that can store up to 3,000 pokemon in the internet. It has a yearly fee (This fee will be ¥500 in Japan, $4.99 in the United States and Canada, £4.49 in the United Kingdom, €4,99 in Europe, $6.50 in Australia, $8.50 in New Zealand, ₩5000 in South Korea, $150 in Taiwan and $40 in Hong Kong.) to cover server maintenance and costs. It allows you store any pokemon from the 6th gen (X/Y), but it also comes with a companion app called Poke Transporter, which will allow you to convert Pokemon from the 5th gen games (Black/White/Black2/White2) into 6th gen data so that they could be received on to X/Y. The app was supposed to be released on the 27th, but they first tried releasing it in Japan on Christmas and the Japanese eShop crashed from the overload of people getting the app and everything else.. And the app got pulled and the release became unknown.. :oops:
  17. I have my 2 boxes of legendaries ready for when this released, hopefully it will be soon
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  18. im jealous :(
    too bad i cant send over pokemon from my diamond game.
  19. Yay, good news finally.. The bank was rereleased in Japan last night and news is to follow for NA and EU releases.. :3
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  20. uu
    yay! i found a black 2 game so im ready :D
    oh and is there a way to put pokemon from diamond to black2?