Pokémon Trading League

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  1. So I am on a hunt for a Spheal in my Unova Pokédex, as well as a Rufflet to complete the see all Unova Pokémon requirement to unlock the Secret Garden so that I can get my shiny Haxorus in Black 2.. So I decided to start a trading league where people can meet and pm pal pad friend codes back and forth to be able to trade and/or battle via Nintendo WFC. So if anyone is interested start posting and I can pm my friend code to people and we can setup trades.. :3
  2. I would say I could help you but I sold my Pokemon games and 3DS. I'm sticking with my iPod and PC.
  3. iPod's eat peoples souls.. :oops:
  4. Wait! I have a 3DS, I didn't know there was a pokemon game for it though?
  5. There isn't. It's just BW2 which somehow works for the 3DS in 3D when it's a DS game… :confused:
  6. You can use regular DS games in the 3DS. they have yet to come out with a 3ds pokemon game
  7. Technically, Dream Radar and Pokedex Pro are 3d pokemon games of sorts.. <,< .. They both use AR technology.
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  8. I count them as applications…but that's just me.
  9. I used to love my pokémon...
    On my DS Lite...
    My gameboy...
    I stopped buying nintendo consoles after the wii.
  10. Meh, I traded one of my DW Arceus for the Spheal..:oops:.. I just need a Rufflet/Braviary now.. :3
  11. Okay, so I happen to have a Spheal, I just need to transfer it from HeartGold. Also, I have a Braviary, if you want I can breed for a Rufflet egg, but it'll be a little while.

    Edit: I am sorry I did not type faster.