[Poetry] A look back at four years of EMC

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If I should continue writing poems, what should my next one be?

Part 2 of My history 1 vote(s) 25.0%
A day as a Mod 2 vote(s) 50.0%
The SMP Wars 1 vote(s) 25.0%
The Great Collapse 0 vote(s) 0.0%
other (if other make suggestions in comments below) 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. This is a poem I wrote that details "some" of my experiences here on SMP2 and EMC, I've only written one part for now, If people like it I'll write more. Maybe even about specific events too. I hope you guys enjoy this. It's all to celebrate my 4th year anniversary on EMC which is coming up on March 4th, 2016. I worked hard on this and it's all based on actual experiences and events I went through.

    Please leave comments and constructive criticism below to help me improve!

    (Note these are from my point of view so they might not be all of the story, Please don't get offended if I forgot to mention something :3)

    Part 1
    by: Kyle McIntyre aka: SSRCcorp

    --- 0 year mark ---
    From above a constant roar,
    as you maneuvered through
    the sandstone corridor,
    your excitement grew,

    Into the empire of SMP2,
    in these roaring days,
    so exciting to come to,
    such prosperity and craze,

    So you began your quest,
    on a small little plot,
    your future couldn't be guessed,
    striving to be a big shot,

    The chat was alive,
    and you reached for the sky,
    In this world you did thrive,
    you just wanted to try,

    you built a corporation,
    Dedicated your work to others,
    at first looking for admiration,
    then more for brothers,

    You were a rambunctious tot,
    and got in a two hour war,
    between the server's elite lot,
    full caps and cursing galore,

    Somehow you did win,
    and that person who betrayed you,
    he left feeling his sin,
    a new chapter did ensue,

    You moved downtown,
    Started anew,
    In the new boom town,
    you learned to make do,

    You built monuments of power,
    Temples of capitalism,
    these buildings did tower,
    As you pursued Imperialism,

    you expanded far and wide,
    to a brand new horizon,
    but your growth couldn't hide,
    your arrogance you indulged in,

    You were young and kinda dumb,
    you had a lot to learn,
    others looked at you like scum,
    and they wished for Corp. to burn,

    Your prized achievement and Jewel,
    Your HQ and first Skyscraper,
    Burned down because you were a fool,
    your history from wool to vapor,

    This was the first collapse,
    you left it abandoned for weeks,
    all your progress began to lapse,
    when you returned you began your critiques,

    Now you trail-blazed,
    matured and caring you constructed,
    to other SMP's you sought to be raised,
    an inter-server empire you conducted,

    Push back was expected,
    but the resistance was immense,
    and you were pushed away dejected,
    the lose came with great expense,

    Financial problems you tried to address,
    you started to recover,
    when you were stopped by unrest,
    you began to discover,

    A traitor in your ranks,
    A dastardly coup,
    peacefully with no thanks,
    you ended it and pulled through,

    Then it arrived,
    Nobody remembers how it started,
    but you'd be left and deprived,
    in whole droves they departed,

    That once great Roar,
    became a faint whisper,
    skyscrapers no longer could soar,
    the air became silently crisper,

    your Head Quarters destroyed,
    you rebuilt all alone,
    above streets devoid,
    you resembled more of a drone,

    but soon you too succumbed,
    to the unrelenting flight,
    you felt defeated and bummed,
    gone for three months with no sight,

    one day you came back,
    and you saw people online,
    you hurried back on track,
    no time to whine,

    ---2.5 year mark---

    [End of part 1]
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