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  1. I'm really bored. I just feel like reading poems right now to help me feel better about my hand. I currently have it sticked and wrapped up. Hoping to get it back in the socket in the next few weeks.

    To start, it has to be a poem of anykind. Any subjet is fine as long as it is pg-13.

    I'll start one off :)

    Get on the field, take one more hit,
    into my clothes, I can't fit,
    a true way of life, I can't get,
    today's the day before I quit,
    I'mma miss it a little bit,
    somedays, I just need to sit,
    time to bring out the first aid kit...
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  2. I think I like poetry, but I don't really know many parts of poems, especially not English ones.
    I know someone who might, though.

    Oh, and you typed "subjet" instead of "subject".
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  3. My thumb is useless right now.. lol It can also be in any language. I think language, being to many different parts of the world, is important to share. I will gladly accept a poem in any other language.
  4. My friend PayBack wrote the following;
    He wonders if you can find all the tricks and things (there's a word for the collection of the things in Latin and Dutch but I can't find one in English). I can say I think I have not yet fully discovered the secrets of this poem myself, but we'll see.


    Live to be
    good, and evil you shall beat

    Stay raw
    rather than warm, and a war you shall meet

    negativity, and time will consume

    Edit the
    mind, and the tide will make it bloom

    For mirrors
    will always show a lie,

    And the
    truth may hide within but a sigh.

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  5. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Most poems rhyme,
    This one doesn't.
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