Poem: You are What You Eat

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  1. Poem: You are What You Eat

    Pumpkin pie,
    tasty and sweet,
    a yummy thing to eat.
    Turkey, a delicious bird,
    that is what to be heard.
    Filled with stuffing to the
    brim, the death of the
    turkey was quite grim.
    A family, sitting at the
    table to eat, a delicious
    feast. Turkey or
    pumpkin pie,
    that is the question,
    or suggestion.

    But, as the
    family took a bite
    to eat, I thought a
    thought that was
    scary, but was
    A better way
    to celebrate this
    holiday, in a special way.

    What if, instead of
    an unhealthy turkey
    to eat, how about
    a different treat?
    After all, you
    are what you eat.
  2. How did everyone like the poem? ;)
    Please answer, I might add stuff to
    the poem if it is a REALLY good suggestion. :)
  3. I thought it was delightful and made me quite hungry.
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  4. Thanks, I'm glad it made you hungry. The real reason I wrote the poem is to tell people what I think about Thanksgiving, and how I think it would be better if turkey, pumpkin pie, and all the other unhealthy things about Thanksgiving were changed to something a little bit more healthier and better tasting, like tofurkey, for example. After all, it makes me feel bad to eat something that was treated and killed cruelly just for a holiday. Plus, Turkey and pumpkin pie are really fattening, you know. ;)