Poem: It's Spring!

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  1. It's Spring, oh, hear the robin sing!
    Is this a real thing? It's Spring!
    Watch as the flowers bloom, Summer is coming soon!
    Look at the baby raccoon, like the ones in animated cartoons!
    This caterpillar is in it's cocoon!
    Oh, look, it's a butterfly, soaring into the sky!
    But, oh, watch as the seasons go by!
    I wonder why?
    Spring won't last long as time goes by, so say goodbye!

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  2. If you live in Canada, spring never comes. =P

    Great choice of rhyme and wording. Caden r8s this 8/8!
  3. I live in Florida. By the way, is it wrong that I had to look up words that rhymed with the word spring or other words that rhymed with it? :oops:
  4. I mean, I need to find words that rhyme to make a rhyming poem, since writers like me sometimes have to.
  5. Want to hear another poem? Thanks for the feedback, by the way. :)
  6. I just had to bump this it is so amazing! Also Caden, though you might never see spring in your winter filled life, I live in Georgia so I always see changes on a daily basis ( Humidity ) and it is so amazing!
  7. It's surprising that you bumped this. It's just that this thread is kind of old, it's been around since April of this year. And plus, I actually thought it would get lost in the random mess of what is the rest of the other poems in the Writer's Corner section. xD
    I'm glad you liked the poem, by the way. ;)
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  8. A nice, cheery little poem to hear as we move into winter. :) To me, it sounded like the bouncy, fun sort of little song that you hear in Disney movies. :p
  9. Oh my gosh, yeah, it does sound like the ones in Disney movies! :eek:
    I might write a Thanksgiving poem, soon. ;)