[Poem] Attention

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  1. Attention

    Everyone wants it
    Craves it
    Needs it
    Is the center of it

    Is the fuel of ones soul
    Without it they are nothing

    Try to get others attention
    Over expressive
    Speaking to something,someone

    But not being heard...
    Feeling lost, dead
    Needs more of it to survive


    Can't do anything without it


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  2. Wow.. that.. music... somehow.. really gets.. to me... dsfvi
    m Stop it! D:
    Seriously though, what is that?
    It's from Persona, I saw that, but what is it used for?
  3. It was for a strip club level...
  4. Oh, okay, thank you :p It was pretty weird for me :confused:
  5. Very good poem mate! Dat funky song though, lol.
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