Plz unban meh, I diddnt do anything, plox plox plox

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by ThePinda2, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. April Fools :p
    I just had to :D
  2. Jokes on you, you're 3 hours 17 minutes late.
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  3. What? It's still 8:18 PM here?
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  4. 10:20 PM here. :p
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  5. 03:20AM here :p
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  6. This is all a perfect example of why we need an EMC timezone:
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  7. I say we go with Eastern Standard Timezone if this were to happen.
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  8. Well, that could work, but SO many people are from The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland (Full name, like it?) or in Australia, I'm sure that would be pretty difficult.
  9. As my mom always says, "deal with it".
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  10. My mom always says, "Eat your vegetables."
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  11. Yea...and I'm from Pacific time easterners may wonder why I'm posting at 12:00 Am when it is only 9:00 PM for me. :p
  12. I'd bet half of the people that posted on this thread were originally preparing to write something like this:
    "This is not the place to post about this, please PM the staff member who banned you."
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  13. That is the timezone that EMC currently runs on.
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  14. Yea I have the same problem but I don't understand why easterners are posting sooo late :p