Pluto: A History

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  1. I originally wrote this for my Writer's Workshop class, but I'd like it to be much more than what it is now. It seems ok, although there are definitely some holes in it. And once again I look to the Empire community for help/opinions. So, here goes:

    In the distance of Earth, off in outer space, a sphere floats. This is Pluto, the ninth sphere. Far before mankind, a nation rose. Under the soil of this sphere, seed pods lay, of what are Plutonian buds. As the somber tears of the stars fell unto the dust of space, the seeds sprouted and pushed upwards against the rocky land. Over what was three earth years, the sproutlings grew and produced in whole. Liflings of all maturities, figures, and colours, came together as one.
    Over many generations, the liflings learned to be self sufficient and thrived as a civilization. Pluto advanced in education and soon became knowledgeable in all aspects. They were Mother Superior over the others.
    The human race soon came into existence, but could hardly compare to Mother Superior. They were stagnant in growth and bore many centuries to be at the meager stature Earth is now.
    Liflings of Pluto yearned to have another reigning alongside, so they took to pitying the people of Earth and desired to leak information towards unnoticed individuals, as to gain Earth into a partnership of solemn ruling. Dennis, commander of the Assembly of Pluto (A.O.P), knew it was vital to bestow astronomical knowledge upon one man. The man whose name was Galileo Galilei.
    With the bleak sun settling over the land, the A.O.P called. Military authorities and all affiliations with the A.O.P banded together in an underground war bunker. No war was discussed. Only the Leak was to be spoken of.
    “Only Galileo can be told of the information we hold,” croaked the raspy voice of Dennis, “The key strategy in recruiting Earth is for them to learn of space, to know its functions. The human race is still frail and is caught in their own world. ” Others pondered over this, but only one disagreed.
    Will, a betrayer, despised all humans and plutonians, though he was a lifling himself. A scheme he devised, was to cease relations with mankind. In doing so, he disguised who he truly was. All his ideas were derived from the A.O.P’s plans. At this time, he was only breathing for the sole cause of the A.O.P’s destruction. This being disapprovingly shook his head in the war bunker.
    Sighing under his breath, Will closed his eyes. Dennis noted his effort to weaken the sovereignty. The Elder continued on, “In what way must we deliver this to him?” An olive green, spiral arm slowly shot into the air, unsure of itself.
    “Sir if I may,” it stopped to slowly adjust his glasses, “I feel it would be best to send three liflings in our spacecraft to Earth where they will adapt to civilian life and become known to Galileo. Then The Leak will begin.”
    The members nodded in approval.
    “Yes, yes. It should be so,” another insisted. And all but Will agreed.
    Soon, came the day for the three liflings to embark on the adaptation mission . It was dreary grey, with sweet, blue streams seeping from above, but teemed with spirit. Plutonians gathered for Quantum II’s launch.
    “Today-ay-ay,” echoed the pausing of the loudspeaker, " marks history-ory-ory." Dennis paused once again. "We will no longer be silenced. . . by Earth. Earth will no longer. . . be stuck," his words ended abruptly as the crowds cheered, pumping fists as they did.
    The three liflings, dressed in teal jumpsuits, stood ceremoniously outside of the spacecraft. Holding tea cups of Earl Grey, these beings locked arms, tipped their cups and drank. They stopped. They left.
    Will, meanwhile, continued to conspire against the A.O.P. While contemplating a plan to cease relations with mankind, he decided to meditate as if it would help. It did. In doing so, thousands of brain waves emitted from his mind, spreading throughout outer space. Quantum soared towards earth, vulnerable and exposed. The waves directly caused an interference with radio communications, leading the three liflings to fly off course, and not to be seen or heard of again, for thirteen years.
    The next attempt to push knowledge to Galileo was in a form of stars. An infamous astronomical observer was able to align stars into a note. The message read as this: These are the souls of the dead.
    The note was lost in space since Will had the power to release stars of the dead. Many died that day, an abnormal number. Millions of fiery gas balls floated up into the heavens. These clouded the message to where it was no longer legible.
    Dennis heard of this incident and called for direct orders to seize the lifling, Will. He would not go willingly. A battle begun.
    It lasted thirteen minutes. Seven dead. Two breathing still. Colors of fire poured from the wounds of death. Will turned away, as Dennis wept.
    With his tears turning to anger, Dennis paced over to Will and almost drained the life from his body. Now weakened, Will is carried by Dennis, like a child, to the charred stone brick cells.
    The A.O.P, again, made efforts to proceed the Leak mission. Lasers were decided.
    A single lifling was delivered to the outer edges of Galileo's town at night fall. This Plutonian lurked in the shadows, slowly going to his home. Once arrived, the lifling levitated upwards outside the bedroom window. Both Galileo and this other being met eye contact. Before anything, the Plutonian shot lasers from his eyes into Galileo's. This moment was to be for three minutes. And it was done.
    Afterwards, Dennis approached the cell Will was held in and spoke, “It’s done. There’s no turning back.”
    Will said nothing; he could barely speak. He sat, hunched over in the corner. His left eye black, swollen shut. He was unable to open it. His spirits were worn and sparse.
    “Why did you?” Dennis asked.
    It took a few moments for Will to comprehend what was said, and was a little hesitant to answer. He spoke with a slow speech impediment, “Tell me, have you ever loved?”
    “Well, not really, no.”
    “I have. A human too.”
    “I’m sorry to hear.”
    “It was simple and pure. And she was everything to me,”
    Without a sound, tears gently fell and caressed against Will’s cheeks, “My love took me down to the river to silence me.”
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  2. This was a very nice read! I know I'm 'bumping' something old, watch me no care. Good stories deserve the extra attention!
  3. Hah funny thing, A few people in my English class had to do an informative essay on Pluto for state testing :3
  4. Not bad I liked it was surprised to see it was 2015!