Plugin Idea- Biome Changer

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Tomkilz, May 14, 2012.

  1. Hello, EMC members, I just suggest that you may change the biome in your residence in some -any way- because I try to make pools. Guess what biome my residence is in? The tundra! It's almost impossible to make a pool that stays water, so I suggest this if it is an actual plugin so people may change their biome to make pools and have a better biome to grow trees! My pool also looks extremely ugly with all the torches and stuff around it, and it doesn't work! Please add the plugin! If you agree to have this or disagree, say so in a comment and we'll see if JustinGuy will check it out!
  2. Just get all your stuff, and unclaim your res...Check what biome your in next time...This doesnt seem to be a major issue!
    Or just do something that looks cool with ice
  3. Do you know how much stuff I have....? Anyways, I like where I am, it's just the biome...
  4. This sounds like a really good idea and Im sure its possible
  5. Yea...then the easiest solution is having a common light source that keep ur pool bright :) say its heated xD
  6. Crick, u need to check the position my pool is in... :p It doesn't have a full block as a floor, just a half slab.
  7. lolz i can give u four glowstone to use if u want on the sides :)
  8. You could build a glass roof high above the pool. Water won't freeze when underneath blocks.
  9. Nice idea, but I'd like it to look better.... :p Also, crick the sides are half slabs and it's onnly 1 1/2blocks underground of my res.... :(
  10. :O
    I can help make it look better and bigger :) if u want
  11. Smp5. Can't for a while. US Time. :p
  12. same here :) y cant u come on?!
  13. I already asked Justin, he said hes gonna implement something like this
  14. lol...I was trying to save him time, but HECK YEA! This is gonna be great!
  15. Ty for telling me, DangerousPopcorn... :p
  16. I support this. I just found out my res is not fully taiga, but there are few blocks here and then of river, just enough to totally mess up with my plans! Doesnt make any sense - 10 blocks of taiga, 3 blocks of river, 10 block of taiga, 2 blocks of river etc etc..
  17. This is a good idea, but it's not so pressing as to force Justin to drop everything and do this. I'm sure he'll get to it when he's done rewriting the platform :)
    My res isn't tundra or taiga, but it's part swamp, part grassland, and part desert. It's also really checkerboard-ish, so my res looks all funny with grass and such.
  18. Well other biomes might not have any problems at all, since blocks stays as you put them, but if im building ice structure on mine some of water freeze and some wont. So thats a problem.
  19. Ok, sorry to drop the bomb on you guys but... changing biomes is not possible. If doing so it will corrupt the world. The Minecraft world has a seed, if that seed changes to any value (even one number) it can corrupt the entire world. Corrupt can mean... unplayable, laggy, "force fields", and probably random "lag chunks"(which cannot be fixed). So sorry to say it but its just impossible.
  20. No. You can change the biome. It was changed in 1.1 or 1.2 I think, Each chunk, Now contains the biome information, and it's not dependant on the seed.