[Pledge/discussion] Boyscouts for equality

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  1. (As far as I know) boyscouts have been against homosexuality since they began. Now, over 100 years later, an appeal is passing through.


    Please sign the petition against discrimination if you think it should end, and post down below if you did/what your thoughts are.


  2. As an Eagle Scout who went through the Scouting program since being a tiger in Cub Scouts in 2000. I personally don't think this discussion should be brought to EMC. I am not going to lock this thread due to my personal opinions and views. Keep in mind this section of the Terms of Service

    Almost any discussion on this subject is bound to break these terms of service; so just keep that in mind.
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  3. I personally don't think that the topic of gay marriage should be brought up in a group such as the Scouts, with most people under the age of 18. It's a decision of whether or not you support it that once again, personally, I think should be decided on much later on in life.

    Of course, if they want to lift their "it's bad" attitude off of the topic I support that, so kids can grow up making a proper decision later on without organisations having told them it was bad, forcing them to believe that...
  4. To be honest - I thought they already passed a bill not that long ago stating the boy scouts will no longer deny scouts to participate based off of orientation ... and then later stated that he could become a scout leader now, too, even if he is a homosexual?
  5. Thank you for bringing this up. Too bad there isn't a way to keep the thread active yet lock it... Can please lock this thread? Thank you to everyone who signed the petition or at least came to this thread, and have a good night.
  6. I suport it they shouldnt judge on atuff like that.im a boyscout
  7. Earned your grammar merit badge yet? ;)

    But thank you for supporting this cause!
  8. IB4JTC

    Like I have already said, I am 100% for equality. Hope they change this.
  9. Thank you for the support!

    The ad is for gay marriage legality at the bottom of the page :confused:
  10. I am a Boy Scout, and while I don't agree with unnecessary discrimination, I do think that since the Boy Scouts are a private organization, they should be allowed and respected to have their own policies. Also, the bottom ad on this page right now is "Boy Scouts Ban Gays? Vote Now" XD
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  11. Its called the type well on a ipod merit badge

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  12. This. Any private organization is entitled to ban whatever they want as long as it is legal. Some say that the boyscout policy is taking rights away from people, but if they were required to accept everyone (not saying this petition does that), that is infringing on their rights as well.
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  13. Thank you for voicing another part of this argument :)
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  14. Your a boyscout? So am I! I am only at second class though. :oops:
    Anyways I agree with what the chicken dude says.
  15. Even though i am not a boyscout, i would sign the petiton, but i don't want to risk my name getting out.
    So yes, i am against Homosexuality.

  16. Yeah I was/am a Boy Scout. I am 19 now so am technically not still one; although I am a registered Scout Leader
  17. Any tips for someone trying to get all the paperwork done to get Eagle?
  18. umm, tips? Obviously make sure you use the PDF version on the computer. You may end up printing it off multiple times; but just make sure you have all of the requirements done first. (Including your project)
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  19. The thing that I don't get ...

    -If you tell people in scouts you're gay (if you are a homosexual)- you might now be accepted, but you can't be a scout leader.
    -If you don't tell people in scouts you're gay (if you are a homosexual) - then you are able to be a member and leader no problems, no questions asked.

    I don't know much about boy scouts, but weren't you guys supposed to swear an oath of loyalty and telling the truth? not having to hide secrets.

    And if you were supposed to say an oath of truth ... doesn't it show a better quality of leadership speaking the truth than to be lying to everyone, hiding things?
  20. i think it should be up to the parents personally, the reason the association did this btw is to prevent lawsuits from scoutmasters that were fired due to parents being uncomfortable. obviously a corporation has to make an across the board statement to prevent discrimination suits.
    but as a failed eagle (my troop was really strict about attire in board of reviews) i think its up to the parents in general