Please take snow golum off mob disguise!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by jtc0999, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. People find it funny to litter my res with snow, and it's taking away precious time. Please don't allow the snow golum anymore!
  2. It isn't real. Just relog or go away for a minute. There not harming your res.
  3. Yea it is getting pretty annoying :/
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  4. Wait... really? :confused:
  5. You can always do /res set move f, until the mob disguise is removed. :)

  6. It is all client side.

    'Aikar said
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  7. Do golems spawn now?
  8. It's disquise craft. They're people.
  9. I know that. I just get sooooo much lag from all the snow
  10. Disconnect for 5 seconds=no lag
  11. How is that? Today I saw a spider and a creeper
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  12. Just log off. Not a big deal.
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  13. it gets annoying to log off every 2 minutes :mad:
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  14. :p I think It's funny.
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  15. Just ask people nicely to stop it... If not just re-log. No big deal :)
  16. Disguise craft was turned on for players because we reached the goal at EMCon.
    You also saw me.
  17. Lol i "snowed" this one guy once, and he was so upset (apparently he had it done to him beforea) that he tried to use a hacking client to kill me:p Banned now:p
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  18. What is hacking client?
  19. As someone said before just use /res set move f or if you want it player specific /res pset (name) move f
  20. Its a hacking client. Used for major griefing. Im actually going to change it to "hacking client" so that no one gets any ideas, and i think you should too (in your quote) :)
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